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March 7, 2012

Touring the Cosmos: Carpe Chaos’s Kickstarter Campaign!

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About a year ago, Touring the Cosmos took a look at a new sci-fi webseries called Carpe Chaos. With a new comic released monthly, Carpe Chaos is about five alien races that are learning to cope with life in a large galaxy. We interviewed a couple members of the creative team to talk about what goes on behind the scenes in the monthly series. Recently, Carpe Chaos has started its own Kickstarter campaign, a platform that helps funding for creative projects.

The idea behind a Kickstarter campaign is a pretty genius one. Don’t know what a Kickstarter campaign is? Read more about them here. In short, when you begin a Kickstarter campaign you are trying to get the funding to launch a creative project. With an “all-or-nothing” system, fans of the projects can “invest” and help move the project along, with rewards for the help. It could be a game or movie, and in the case of Carpe Chaos, a great concept art package full of other goodies and swag. Jason Bane, team leader of the Carpe Chaos team, had this to say about the Kickstarter project:

The independent graphic novel series Carpe Chaos has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a concept art book. The team of writers and artists behind the project have amassed thousands of concepts when fleshing out their huge universe, and they are hoping for the chance to share that artwork with fans. The book will include at least 150 pages of imaginative alien creatures along with their environments, technology, and spaceships, many of which haven’t yet been shown to the public. Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or simply a concept art aficionado, this book won’t disappoint! Be sure to check out the Kickstarter video to see many of the concepts that will be included in the book.


Check out Carpe Chaos’s Kickstarter Campaign Video


Carpe Chaos has offered some pretty great rewards for helping out. With more than ten different “tiers,” fans can offer help in numerous ways and be rewarded in kind. Some of the great rewards available are:

  • Name added to the credits

    *Porg Segway Not Included

  • Papercraft Models
  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Bookmarks
  • Prints
  • The book itself

The deadline for this project is March 25th, at 2:00 AM EDT. You can see Carpe Chaos‘s Kickstarter page here.

What have the guys at Carpe Chaos been up to for the past year? Well way back when we talked to them, they had six stories available on their gorgeous website. Nearly a year later, they have twelve comics with numerous chapters available for each. Originally, only three races were starring in the first six stories. These three races kept to themselves, only mentioning the other races in passing. Now there have been many interactions with the other races through diplomacy or war, and the galaxy is just becoming more and more connected. There are mentions of more races to come in the future, as well. You can view the comics from their website, download them on your iPhone through iTunes, or check them out through Graphic.ly.

One of the great things about the team at Carpe Chaos is how much they love their work, and how much effort they put into it. You can tell a massive amount of time has been put into the universe where these stories exist, even before any comic was released. The blog that (mainly) Jason keeps up is extensive and constantly keeps the fans in the know of what is going on from story progression to con appearances. Their website is organized and really shows how much these guys love this project. Tons of new content and lots of love show that these guys deserve a look and support.

Mike Parente



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