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March 3, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: Thor: The Black Galaxy Saga pt 3

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, welcome to another week in Ye Olde School Café! This week, we’ll be learning more of what fate lies for Thor and Hercules out in the far reaches of space in Thor: The Black Galaxy Saga part 3! So far we’ve seen Hercules battling his inner demons, then he and Thor battling the Wrecking Crew. Thor also had to defeat a new enemy called The Stalker from Space! While all that was going on, the High Evolutionary was in his spacecraft near the Black Galaxy. He intends to create a new set of gods and will stop at nothing to accomplish this. Now, let us rejoin these two heroes and see what they find out!

As Thor and the Replicoid are reeling from an attack from above, this strange new foe comes charging down at them again. This armored figure seems as though it has no mercy and intends on killing both men in cold blood. Just as it seems like a fatal blow is about to be struck, the shield of Captain America smashes off of the villain’s head. Then the Quantum Bands of Quasar are put to use as he joins in. One by one, the Avengers attack this new threat, giving Thor a chance to catch his breath. At first it appears to be helping, but Stellaris proves that he can tackle even an entire team. He takes everything that Captain America, Quasar, She-Hulk, and the others can throw at him. This distraction allows Thor time to recover, though, and then he strikes. He uses his superior power to strike down the mighty cosmic warrior. He actually goes into a rage because one of the blasts that was meant for him killed the Replicoid instead. He starts to beat the villain mercilessly, but stops soon after. At this point, the armor comes off partially, and he finds out that Stellaris is actually a she! This female warrior tells Thor that a fail safe has been activated in her armor that will explode and decimate the entire planet if he doesn’t let her go. Cap talks Thor into letting her leave, but not before Stellaris leaves a challenge for him. She tells him that things will be different when next they meet in the Black Galaxy!

Back in the “normal” world, we see Eric realize that he cannot provide a stable life for his son Kevin, so he acquiesces to his ex-wife’s request to look after Kevin. On one hand, this helps Eric devote more time to his alter-ego, but on the other hand, he misses Kevin terribly. He actually starts sobbing and embraces Hercules. Out in space, the High Evolutionary is talking with Count Tagar about how he must learn all of the secrets that this anomaly holds. Count Tagar warns him against meddling in things that are this strange, but the Evolutionary tells him that he was born for this. Further inside the ship, one of the Evolutionary’s creations is going berserk. It actually even hurts him with a punch! Once it is controlled by the guards, the Evolutionary coddles the beast, and tells Tagar that it needs to be shown love. Soon after that, another one of his new creations is “born.” A beautiful female emerges from his tank, and then the Evolutionary must excuse himself and check on another experiment.

Meanwhile, Hercules and Thor are heading towards his vessel in one of the Avengers’ Quinjets. As they are conversing about the trip, a flash of light hurls at them. It’s the Recorder that was refashioned by the High Evolutionary, and he says nothing, but leads them to his new master. Watching from a distance is a familiar armored figure that has payback on her mind! Once the heroes are aboard the ship, they are escorted to the chambers of the High Evolutionary. In the shadows skulks Stellaris, though, and she has bad intentions on her mind. The Evolutionary welcomes them, and then tells them to feast, because there is no cause for alarm. They warn him that hospitality alone will not assuage their curiosity. The Evolutionary then introduces some of his new “gods” to them. They are surprised at first, but then angered that he thinks he can just create new gods on his own. Outside, a satellite tries to probe something huge. Not just any large object, but a Celestial! It zaps the small piece of equipment and then turns away as if nothing even happened. Stellaris then creeps around until she finds a door that piques her curiosity. She opens it, and then an alarm goes off and alerts the High Evolutionary and the others to a big problem. The Evolutionary trembles slightly, and then mentions the name Nobilus.

Well, that’s it for now, but return next week for the conclusion to this cosmic tale! We’ll see the fiendish Stellaris and the mysterious Nobilus run rampant aboard the ship. Can Thor and Hercules stop them? Also, what is the Celestial going to do about all of this? Get the answers next week!

Billy Dunleavy



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