March 3, 2012

Image Reviews: Vescell #6

Vescell #6
Writer: Enrique Carrion
John “Roc” Upchurch
John “Roc” Upchurch

This issue kicks off with the return of everyone’s favorite fairie, Machi. Finally having emerged from her cocoon with a new set of wings and an appetite to rival Galactus! It was during her time in metamorphosis that she received a warning from Mauricio’s mother, as it seems like the Banerealm and Earth are in more danger than we thought. There is a second story in this issue that sees the return of the cyborg Batan. He’s on the case of a murderer who is targeting Cybercam employees. While at the same time Mauricio and Machi have been assigned to the same case, but for Vescell’s interests in the matter. Now, the last time these three met up Machi blew a huge hole in Batan, so neither party will be too pleased to see the other.

While this issue is split between two stories, once again they are interconnected by several common threads. Carrion uses Mauricio’s mother’s warning along with Machi’s return to effectively pull this off. What’s great about this is that there’s always the hint of “something extra” which you will usually get as things begin to come together. This issue also seems like it’s a turning point for Mauricio as Carrion has him really questioning the motives of his aunt and Vescell. Both stories are better because of the other, and as usual we are treated to several really good character moments. This has been a very strong point in the series since the beginning. Each character feels like they’re old hands at this, but Carrion makes sure the reader is just as comfortable. When a writer can drop you in the middle of a story and have things make sense, then they’re doing something right. So just know this series has been “right” since the first issue.

There is very little not to like about the artwork in this series, as “Roc” delivers his unique style for your viewing pleasure. He moves the story whether it’s an action sequence or not, and effectively handles the quieter moments throughout the issue. The strongest part being the explanation of the case between the two separate groups involved. Each group has a totally different mood which was enhanced by the expressions and color choices. Where Batan and Lee Perry’s conversation seemed a bit lighter, Mauricio’s discussion had a sinister feel to it. The action sequences were just brutal, and it was good that “Roc” got to show off Machi’s skills once again.

Vescell is another great book in the Image camp that has excelled and impressed on various levels. There’s something to be said and greatly respected about creative teams in comics that risk going outside the norm to deliver a great story. And that something is, thanks!

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  1. Billy

    The artwork looks fantastic!

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  3. You’re right about that, Billy!

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