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February 18, 2012

Gotta Have It! Special Edition: X-Men Musical Mug

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Written by: Jeff
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This item probably breaks all copyrights, but it’s just too good not to show off.

My wife and I have dear friends who live in Oman. I don’t know much about Oman, but if this is the kind of thing you find in abundance over there, then Oman must be awesome. Via Comicattack.net reader Moses who visited them recently, our friends sent me one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received.

What if High School Musical took place at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters?

You’d get: X-MEN MUSICAL!

And not only is that idea in and of itself one of the most mind-blowing things anyone has ever dreamt, but what if you took that concept and slapped it on a mug?

Straight from Oman, folks, you have X-Men Musical: The Mug!

Let’s take a closer look at this beauty. For the very reasonable price of .350…uh…dollars?…rupees?…gold nuggets?…Monopoly money?, and a trip to Oman, you can get a ceramic drinking device like this which has the masterfully (or not) photoshopped heads of the cast of the X-Men movie on the bodies of the cast of High School Musical. Let that last sentence sink in for you. It’s really that good.

The box has the same print as the mug on one side, with a cut out, so you can see that the mug you’re getting is “legit.” But don’t worry, in case you were wondering where the origins of this idea came from, the rest of the box is definitively High School Musical.

The image itself is rather breathtaking. You have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine being pretty bad ass. I mean, his arms are folded. Classic Wolverine. He’s also sporting a baseball t-shirt, so he’s certainly ready for the next game against the Gold Team.

Next in line is Halle Berry’s Storm from I think X3 (the salt-and-pepper hair is the giveaway). Unfortunately, her neck disappeared, forcing her shoulders directly into her jawline.

Up against her in an awesome “girlfriend-who-may-or-may-not-be-a-rival” pose is Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, who’s got one helluva pony tail. Forget the Dark Phoenix costume, that red jumper is power incarnate!

Jean’s arm is around who we think is Kitty Pryde. Moses thought it was Rogue, and he could be right, it’s a little hard to tell based on the pixelated face. Regardless, she’s clearly a cheerleader, which fits neither Kitty nor Rogue. Someone needs to do their research!

The cast is rounded out by James Marsden’s Cyclops, who is crouched behind the lounging Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. In this musical, the good professor is actually a basketball player, which is great because, you know, he’s paralyzed. He’s so good, he can lie in front of the group and spin a ball on his finger. Boy’s got skillz! However, the irony that it’s the Professor who is lying down and not standing did not go unnoticed. Maybe they did research after all! Much like the X-Men movies, Cyclops looks a little lost, despite rocking the hoodie-under-the-leather-jacket look.

But the classiest thing about this mug is that it has the words “High School” printed on the inside of it. Why? I’m thinking it’s just artistic license.

I hate to gloat, I really do, but only Moses and I have mugs like these, and it’s probably not likely that you can get one yourself. I know you’re all jealous. Instead, just be cool like the cast of X-Men Musical. Put on some slick attire, spin a basketball, or prop yourself up on your best friend.

You’ll feel better, I promise.

Jeff Jackson


One Comment

  1. Moses

    I’ve gotta admit, I love my X-Men The Musical mug. I think Jeff is going to abstain from actually using and drinking out of the mug; however I feel must use it. Such a beautiful piece of dishware cannot be kept on a shelf to collect dust.

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