February 7, 2012

BOOM! Studios Review: Ice Age: Iced In

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Written by: Billy
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Ice Age: Iced In (one-shot)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios (Kaboom!)
Writer: Caleb Monroe
Artist: Shelli Paroline  (cover by Paroline & Braden Lamb)

For those of you that don’t know, the Ice Age movies are totally awesome! Yeah, that’s right, I said it, and I won’t back down from that statement. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen all three movies with my kids, and they’re great. Lots of comedy, action, and as always, a tear-jerking moment or two about love and friendship. These things are what make the movie, along with some adult humor thrown in for moms and dads to keep chuckling. This adaptation is no different.

In this adventure, we see Sid, Diego, and Manny up to their usual hi-jinx, when all of a sudden, they get caught in an avalanche, and buried inside a cave. Well, for starters, you have Sid – he’s a sloth that gets on everyone’s nerves, but has a heart of gold. Diego the saber-toothed cat – he’s a guy that puts up a tough exterior, but on the inside is very loyal and has a pure soul. Then you have Manny – he’s a mammoth that is quite grumpy, but you’ll never find anybody that you can count on in a pinch more than him. All three of these characters have plenty to offer a movie and show their complexity in this book, as well.

There is a supporting cast, too, that consists of Manny’s girlfriend/wife Ellie, their baby mammoth Peaches, and two wild and adventurous possums named Eddy and Crash. These characters are the perfect line up to add to the humor, action, and adventure. The relationships that these characters have is exactly like a family atmosphere. You have their distinct personalities trying to mesh together, and as we all know, that doesn’t always work out. The story is really cool and does a great job representing the film franchise.

As far as the artwork, Shellie Paroline does a fantastic job at creating the icy world in which these characters reside. From the slightest details of the animals, to the frozen landscapes, she’s on target. I was really impressed with her attention to detail, and it appears to me that she was all in for this book. So, in closing, don’t delay, pick this book up for your kid(s), or even for yourself if you’re a fan of the movies. Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy




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