February 4, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: V for Vendetta pt 8

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, welcome to another week in Ye Olde School Café! In this week’s installment, we’ll be getting closer to the end game that V has been working towards for years. Is Evey his unwitting pawn, or is she a freedom fighter down deep within her soul like V? Let us move towards answering this and many more questions about a plethora of subjects!

We watch as Creedy is doing more back door deals with the local riffraff, and also someone else outside a local nightclub. Meanwhile, V is setting up dominoes, and Evey then asks him if he’s almost finished. He responds that yes, he supposes he is. Mr. Finch, who’s been missing work for a few days now, gets dropped off by a cab driver out where Lark Hill used to be located. In the office of the Leader, things are quiet, but not for long. Dominic has deduced how V is staying one step ahead of them, and bursts into the Leader’s office to tell him. He tells him that V must have access to the Voice of Fate (computer). The Leader just sits in his chair, and then starts to sob. Back at Lark Hill, Finch is piecing together what went on there, but then decides to take some LSD. He soon realizes this was a mistake and begins to hallucinate. He starts to see visions of people that were persecuted at camps such as this one. He soon realizes that instead of standing by idly, he should have acted to save those people. He then see Delia inside one of the buildings and hallucinates that she didn’t really love him and was more of a traitor than the woman he thought she was. After seeing this, he comes to the realization that he’s been living a life imprisoned by himself and the things he just routinely obeyed.

Back at the Shadow Gallery (V’s home), V and Evey are talking. She wants to know what all this is leading to, and he agrees to show her. He takes her below to his secret rooms. He shows her how he has been manipulating the Norsefire cronies for quite a while. He has a network of surveillance cameras that have still been functioning even though the government’s have not. He shows her his laboratory where he cooked up his chemicals, and then finally, how he has stolen a train car and loaded it with explosives; and then he simply walks away. Evey is still furious that he won’t just tell her his plan, and the only thing he will part with, is that “he’s waiting for the man.” This still doesn’t settle well with Evey, but it seems that’s all he’s willing to part with for now. We then see Mr. Finch, naked as the day he was born, running around having an epiphany about everything, including V. Also, Creedy is making his play to be the successor if anything should happen to the Leader, and it seems he might go to lengths unheard of to be that very man. Question is, will he have enough time before V and his chaotic plan makes the entire country unravel?

The Leader then decides to have a motorcade go around the streets in a grand display of unity. The problem is, there is someone in the crowd waiting for him, and this person has bad intentions. You see, this woman blames him and all of his activities for her husband’s death, and she’s basically right. One of  Mr. Finch’s epiphanies, is that he thinks he now realizes how V is going to make good on his promise of destruction. Finch notices that the old underground rail system bears the name Victory on it. He proceeds to go under and look around. He sees what appears to be V, dressed as a hobo and singing in a corner. As he approaches, he realizes too late that it’s a dummy, and he’s fallen into a trap. V then speaks to him from behind, and as he whirls around you can see the fear in his eyes. V slowly pulls one of his knives from inside his coat, and Finch grabs his gun and begins firing. V disappears into the shadows momentarily, but then reappears right next to Finch. He tells him that he cannot kill him because “there’s no flesh and blood inside this cloak, only an idea, and ideas are bulletproof”! V then walks away and Finch is left wondering what it will take to stop this man.

Well, that’s it for this week, but come back next week for the exciting conclusion to this tale of life, loss, and love. We shall see who will survive the coming onslaught. Will it be V, or Creedy and The Leader, and their political righteousness?

Billy Dunleavy



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