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February 2, 2012

The Comics Console: Gotham City Impostors Preview

Gotham City Impostors launches February 7 (Americas) on the PlayStation Network and Windows PC, and February 8 on Xbox Live and PSN (everywhere else), said Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. If you haven’t been keeping up with GCI so far, we’ve got all the details in this preview for next week’s release, which already looks like it could be among the most fun comic book video game titles this year.

Sure, there are plenty chances for Batman nerds to debate the moral irony of Batman copycats using live ammunition with their own brand of vigilante justice, but I’ll save that for next week’s Gotham City Impostors review.

One of the most exciting aspects of this game — the thrill of the slaughter on Gotham streets aside — is customization! What will you be? A Batman or a Joker? Either way there are plenty of options available to bring out the Gotham City degenerate inside of you. The Gotham City Impostors’ YouTube channel offers 19 videos, most of which feature developer tips, strategies, and inside previews, with each centering around a terrible comedy bit that you can’t help but giggle at.

What’s a Batman game without those wonderful toys, eh? Well, Monolith offers plenty of customizable weapons and gadgets with equally malicious and strategic intent. Old timey sniper rifles, roller skates, trampolines, grappling hooks, boomerangs, bear traps, bows and arrows, smoke bombs, and good old fashion machine guns make up just a taste of the Gotham militia’s armory. In a demo video in the hands of the creators they all look amazing, and if you were one of the Bat-fanatics who got their hands on the beta, then you know the team death-match delight that’s in store next week.

What I enjoy most about this game at first glance is Monolith’s sophomoric and potty mouthed sense of humor they’ve brought to these bogus Batmen and Jokers. Be it the goofy developer skits, the character trailers, or the great animated shorts, Gotham City Impostors isn’t afraid to drop a bleeped out F bomb or two, and it’s hilarious.

The three very brief animated spots are absolutely worth wasting a few minutes for.

Though there isn’t a direct comic book continuity connection to the game, Detective Comics #867, by David Hine and Scott McDaniel, foreshadows a bit of inspiration for GCI, and is a bit of a fun reason to go picking through your local comic book store’s Detective Comics back issues. Why not continue your Impostor experience while on those longer bathroom breaks between matches?

At about $15, Monolith leaves you with little reason not to enjoy a goofy and violent romp around the streets of Gotham with your friends. So what if you’re unintentionally raping the goals of the Batman’s mission or fulfilling a Joker wet dream. It’s all in the name of good fun. Personally, I plan on taking quite a few headshots on some Jokers as a Batman Copycat…and yes, I may hate myself a little…but I’ll get over it.

Checkout our review of Gotham City Impostors next week!

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