February 28, 2012

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 2/22/2012

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Written by: Arnab
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American Vampire #24 (Vertigo)
Andy: Holy hell this story arc has been amazing. Loving this new character! A+
Arnab: I love Travis Kidd. That dude is F’ing awesome.
Jeff: Some great visual scenes and spreads in this book, but the story didn’t have a lot to it.

Aquaman #6 (DC)
Andy: An excellent, superbly awesome read! 10 to 1 Mera is going to be known as Aquawoman by the end of this year. A+
Arnab: Mera is all kinds of awesome. Seriously.

Avengers Academy #26 (Marvel)
NickZ: This story was better when it was with the X-Men and it was called Schism.

Batman: The Dark Knight #6 (DC)
This was good for what it was.
Infinite Speech:
Good to see Bane in comics just in time for the release of the upcoming Batman movie. Decent story overall but the art was sooo much better!
Andy: Meh. I’m just not that wowed by David Finch’s Batman stuff. B-

Deadpool #51 (Marvel)
If you claim to be a Deadpool fan and you’re not reading this, you’re not a Deadpool fan.
If you like Deadpool in Uncanny X-Force then you should be reading the “Dead” storyline going on here.

Deadpool Max II #5 (Marvel)
NickZ: Spies, sex, killing, what more do you want?

Goliath HC (Drawn & Quarterly)
Andy: A simple, quick read that is incredibly endearing. It’s the fable of David & Goliath, but from Goliath’s point of view. A+

I, Vampire (DC)
This was all kinds of awesome. Batman- a little out of his comfort zone. Andrew Bennet- totally awesome. Tig- an idiot.

Justice League Dark #6 (DC)
Andy: This art is continually gorgeous. Looking forward to the I, Vampire crossover! B+
Arnab: I picked this up in anticipation of the I, Vampire crossover, it was decent.

Magneto Not a Hero #4 (Marvel)
When there are two Magneto’s duking it out, it only makes sense for them to use a full train of subway cars as a bludgeoning implement.
NickZ: This was a great limited series! Mann’s art was good and Skottie Young is proving to be just as good a writer as he is an artist!

Morning Glories #16 (Image)
Jeff: Yes, Yes! As I was reading this I was hoping that scene of Miss Hodge at the end would come back! I love time travel.

The Mighty Thor #11 (Marvel)
Andy: Decent, but I’ve missed a few issues and was a little lost. B-
Infinite Speech: I didn’t give this a fair shake in the beginning but Fraction has me really enjoying this arc here!

Nazi Zombies #1 (Antarctic Press)
Infinite Speech: Two things that I love shooting in video games brought together for my reading pleasure!

New Mutants #38 (Marvel)
A much-better job on the story by DnA, but I wish the cover artist, Kris Anka, was the interior artist too!
NickZ: It feels like this book has ‘middle child syndrome”. It’s stuck between being Generation Hope and X-Factor, it needs to find its own identity as much as Nate Grey needs to find some shoes.

The Ray #3 (DC)
Infinite Speech: It’s great B-Movie type fun that gives you that great comic book feeling you had as a kid! Unless you are a kid then you’ll just have a great feeling!

Secret Avengers #23 (Marvel)
Jeff: I love a seemingly random team of Avengers. Venom, Beast, the Original Human Torch! And Ant-Man becomes a true hero!
I really like this book, Remender is doing a great job, but the art is awful.

The Sixth Gun #19 (Oni Press)
Andy: One of the best books you aren’t reading. B+

Superman #6 (DC)
Andy: Props to George Perez for discretely saluting his favorite cosplayers in this title… but where the heck did Supergirl come from? B-
NickZ: Was this issue written by Chris Brown? Because Superman sure did him proud!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7 (IDW)
Andy: Wait- the “Neutrino” War is going on in Dimension X? Does that mean the Neutrino kids are going to make an appearance soon!?!?!? Say yes! Please say yes! B+
Arnab: If ever in your life you enjoyed the Turtles, you should definitely pick up this book.
Infinite Speech: I still have my issues with the art but the story is definitely one you should be reading!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #2 (IDW)
Andy: A little confusing being a Transformers noob since they all kinda look the same, but I really like the direction this relaunch is headed! B

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #7 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Nothing like trying out your new powers against Omega Red and Creepy Uncle Aaron shows up. Sucks having a villain in the family.
Jeff: The opening scene of Miles’ mom walking in on him made me laugh. I wish spider-powers were the reason for my sweating when I was his age!

Uncanny X-Force #22 (Marvel)
Arnab: Eh, I don’t care for Fantomex or Betsy. And quite frankly, I would probably enjoy Nightcrawler dying.
Jeff: We finally see who the Skinless Man is…and he and Fantomex “face-off.” Hyuk, hyuk!

Venom #13.3 (Marvel)
NickZ: New Mutant writers take note, THIS is how you do Mephisto!

Voodoo #6 (DC)
Infinite Speech: This is probably one of the most slept on titles in the New 52 launch and it’s been great since the first issue!

Wolverine and the X-Men #6 (Marvel)
Arnab: So what, does Logan only care about certain kids now? And since when did immobilizing a person ever make them safe? 
Infinite Speech:
Did Kid Gladiator remind anyone else of Stripe from Gremlins after his transformation? Glad I reconsidered and gave this title a shot it’s been pretty damn fun!
Jeff: I think the double-shipping hurt the inks on this issue. Otherwise, it’s another great story by Aaron & Bradshaw!

X-Men #25 (Marvel)
Arnab: Will someone just stake her and move on already? She’s not worth an arc.
Jeff: I’m really digging this arc! And Jorge Molina on art is almost like having a mini-Coipel!

X-Men: Legacy #262 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m liking it, especially the art. I hope Surge nets some serious face time next issue! B
Arnab: Loved the part where Rogue tells off Logan for starting to care about kids one minute ago. Also, Logan, just because you don’t tell Scott, doesn’t make it any less true.
Jeff: Here’s what I want in an X-Men comic: a well-choreographed all-out slugfest between the X-Men and Exodus!
NickZ: They messed up, it should have been the Extinction team.

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