January 24, 2012

Contest of Champions (CoC) Episode #19: Season One Finale

Welcome to the Contest of Champions (CoC) Podcast, Episode #19! CoC is an interactive player vs. player game where your favorite Marvel characters go head to head to answer the eternal question of “who can beat whom in a fight?”
Join Jeff Jackson and Ian Johnson every week as they welcome two team managers who have a stable of five characters each ready to blast, zap, snikt, thwip, and smash their way to be the last one standing! It’s a little bit fan fiction, a little bit debate, a little bit role playing, and a whole bunch of fun! It’s an interactive adventure for the managers, and for the community.
This is it! We are joined by Eli Anthony, Andy Liegl, Dan Briand, and Tom McNeely, discuss the results of the Beta Ray Bill vs. Exodus fight, and crown the first CoC Podcast Champion!

Episode #19

(You can click the link to listen to the podcast or right click “save link as” to download it.)

Also in this episode, we discuss our Fights of the Week and answer the question “Could a Marvel/DC crossover ever really work?”

We’re going to take a couple of weeks off to plan Season 2, so stay tuned! Also, visit our new forum and let us know what you thought of the first season!

For our last poll of the season, we want to know who you thought should have won the tournament!

To listen to previous episodes and battles, visit this link.
CoC Standings
Eli Anthony 4-4-1
Beta Ray Bill
Dr. Doom
Red Hulk
Invisible Woman
Prince of Orphans
Environment Switch Card: 1, Double Team Card: 0

Dan Briand 4-4-0
Black Bolt
Protector (Noh-Varr)
Environment Switch Card: 0, Double Team Card: 0

Andy Liegl 6-3-0
Ms. Marvel
Environment Switch Card: 0, Double Team Card: 0

Tom McNeely 1-4-1
Dr. Strange
Thor Girl
Wonder Man
Environment Switch Card: 0, Double Team Card: 0

This week’s music is brought to you by R.E.M., It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).

Jeff Jackson
Ian Johnson




  1. I think Black Bolt and Thor should have won this whole goddamn tournament, lol.

    ..but that’s just me. I’m just disappointed that I didn’t really get to use Skaar.

  2. Billy

    No way should a team with BRB and Doom not win!

  3. Moses

    I would have liked to see Black Bolt proceed further. He would have made for some interesting fights. I’m glad the CoC Podcast Champion included Speech. He really came to Andy’s rescue a few times…

  4. Eli

    Yeah, this is definitely a shared championship. Its so fitting that its Andy and Speech together.

    @ Dan – I’d have liked to see more out of Skaar as well. I also would have liked to be able to use Invisible Woman more. I’ve been wanting to use her for years, and she only lasted one go round for me. I didn’t get as much Sue as I wanted… I feel like Namor.

    • LOL! Good one, Eli.

    • Nice one! lol

  5. Fear Itself really screwed this contest up for me. That ending with Thor slaying the Serpent made it so ambiguous. I couldn’t in good conscience vote against Thor but also didn’t know where his power level was in order to be articulate in defending him.

    Stupid Matt Fraction.

  6. SpidermanGeek

    I don’t even like Thor.

    All the more reason I’m looking forward to a lower power cap next round. We can draft characters I actually like, lol.

  7. I was a bit disappointed NO ONE pointed out that Thor was NOT dead and his current power level is NOWHERE near where it used to be. Someone should have been reading Mighty Thor besides me lol!

    It was fun popping in and out and I can’t wait to be a full participant in Season 2!

    • Why would we read that crap? Matt Fraction is still writing it!

      • He’s better when he’s focused on a smaller group or just one character. And sometimes the key to winning is doing some research on your opponents 😉

        • Jeff Jackson

          I think if you can’t handle solo characters or team books, then maybe you shouldn’t be a comic book writer.

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