January 14, 2012

Ye Olde School Cafe’: V for Vendetta pt 5

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, welcome back to another week of legendary comic book goodness! In this week’s Ye Olde School Café, we’ll be continuing to look at the psychological thriller that is V for Vendetta! This book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd is known for may things, like political corruption, crime, a slight science fiction aspect, but I think most of all, the lengths to which someone will go to prove their ideals. Let’s take a look at V’s next unorthodox move!

As the funeral for Derek wraps up, Dascombe hits on the widow like a creep, and the realization sets in that she’ll be alone now. We also see Evey, who is now alone, after being abandoned by V in the streets. As all this is taking place, V enters the television station and quickly disposes of the guards. He then makes his way into the control room and reveals that he has a bomb strapped to his chest. He hands a tape to the technician, and then we begin to find out more of his master plan, or even better yet, why the country has fallen into the depths of such a lack of freedom. Of course, in the midst of this speech, the police are moving in on V’s location. They bust down the door just as he’s finishing up telling the people that it’s their fault for allowing this disgusting dominance to occur. The police open fire on V as soon as they get a clear shot. They quickly find out, though, that V has outsmarted them again. It was Dascombe bound and gagged and dressed as V that they shot and killed.

Finch starts to lose control with the new head of the Finger, Peter Creedy. He tells Creedy that V might still be in the building and to search for him. He’s obviously on edge since the death of Deila Surridge. We then switch to the home of one Gordon Deitrich, who has taken in Evey. He is taking care of her out of pity, and also because he’s attracted to her. They end up at a club where the more elite go to chill.  While there, they witness Creedy asserting his authority, and then a brawl breaks out, and they leave. In the alleyway, Gordon and Evey take a moment to reflect about everything. Evey remarks to Gordon that they shouldn’t have to live like this, and Gordon agrees. On the rooftop, V is watching. The next day, Gordon asks Evey to sleep with him and she’s elated about the offer. We see them make love, and the very next day, we see two men approach Gordon’s door. They talk to him about a deal they want to make with him. He tells Evey to go upstairs and lock herself in the bathroom. Gordon leans to the door to listen the offer, and one of the men stabs him right through the window. Evey then has many memories flash through her mind. When her father was arrested, when her mother died, and when V abandoned her.

The next night, Evey decides to go back to the club with a gun she found at Gordon’s home. She intends to use it on the men she saw the night she and Gordon were there. As the one man walks out of the door, she raises the gun and aims it. Just as she is about to pull the trigger, she’s grabbed from behind by a doorman. Evey then is having strange dreams, or even nightmares by some standard. She dreams about events from her youth and also the present, but the dream starts to get more like an acid trip when she sees V in it. She wakes up in a  prison cell and can only see a poster on a wall. “Strength through purity, purity through faith.” The slogan of the Norsefire party.

Well, that’s it for this week, but tune in next week to see Evey imprisoned by a madman! How can she survive being a young weakling like she is? Maybe she won’t.

Billy Dunleavy




  1. Why don’t I own this title again?

  2. Billy

    Have you seen the movie? If so, and you enjoyed that even slightly, get the book. It’s kind of a cerebral read with religious, political, and moral aspects that not very many other books have.

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