December 20, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 12/14/2011

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Written by: Arnab
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American Vampire #21 (Vertigo)
Andy: Loved it. I want more of that sexy Indian mountain vampire lady. She could suck my blood anytime. Rawr!
Arnab: Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have liked this art, but I found the naive artistic quality matched up to the origin-esqe story.
Jeff: I think I’m supposed to like Jordi Bernet’s art, but those giant Native American vampires just looked silly.

Avengers Academy #23
Capekiller: Not sure how much more of this book I can take.

Avengers: X-Sanction #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Not as bad as I was expecting. We’ll see what happens…
Arnab: Now is a good a time as any to say: Go X-Men! Those lousy Avengers think they’re cooler than everyone.
Capekiller: Not a fan of McGuinness’ art and this story is a little muddy.  Excusable for a new #1, but we need some answers fairly quickly to buy in.
Jeff: I felt like I had already read half of this book because of the dang preview in the back of every book the last month. Still, I like where this is going.

Batgirl #4 (DC)
Andy: Ok, so it was a miracle that Barbara can walk again. Lets move on.
Arnab: It was a decent arc, here’s hoping it gets better.

Batman and Robin #4 (DC)
Andy: With every issue, this book keeps getting better. If you bailed after #1, come back for #5. It’s getting good.
Arnab: Biggest turn around in the history of my comic reading experience. This was a great issue.

Batwoman #4 (DC)
Holy crap. This whole book was gorgeous spread after gorgeous spread.

Blue Estate #8 (Image)
Andy: A must read if you live in Los Angeles, or are really into the Hollywood scene.

Carnage U.S.A. #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Wells and Crain deliver again! This is Marvel Horror done incredibly well. It’s creepy and disgusting. Check it out.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #4 (DC)
Andy: DC’s monster book by writer Jeff Lemire continues to kick ass on every level.

Green Lantern #4 (DC)
Andy: Despite reading this issue in under 5 minutes, it was still well done. Again, this is the best Green Lantern has been since pre-Blackest Night.

Hawken #2 (IDW)
Andy: Tim Truman art set in the old west with a horror twist. What’s not to love?

Journey Into Mystery #632
Capekiller: For listeners of CoC, I change my mind, this is one of the three best series of 2011.  An Asgardian Christmas tale with Loki giving Hel Hounds as gifts!

Locke & Key: Clockworks #3 (IDW)
: A great twist on time travel. Hill & Rodriguez continue to please.

Marvel Holiday Special 2012 (Marvel)
Andy: Decent. The best part? Wolverine teaching his team of X-Men how to play hockey! GO SABRES!

Magneto: Not a Hero #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Really well done. If you dig Magneto, don’t overlook this series.
Capekiller: Story jumps a bit, but I am happy to see Joseph back.
Jeff: So I’m not sure I understand why Joseph is evil now. That guy hated Astra back in the day.

The New Avengers #19 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Osborn’s Dark Avengers look like the real deal, and Victoria Hand’s role with the New Avengers is looking more and more interesting.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: Seriously, all of you, this is Hickman at his finest
Capekiller: Hickman weaves a very intricate story that balances science, history, philosophy and superheroes!

Severed #5 (Image)
Andy: Fuckin’ A this book is disturbing. Really succeeds in playing off the creepy old man motif.
Arnab: This book brings true horror into your home, with it’s portrayal of murder, mayhem, and chaos in middle America.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #3 (IDW/DC)
Andy: I’m already a ‘Trek fan, but could this series get me interested in the Legion where other titles have failed before? Possibly…

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #1 (Dark Horse)
Andy: A bit wordy and exposition heavy, but I’m really looking forward to this one. The potential is there and Ostrander is a great Star Wars writer.

Stitched #2 (Avatar)
Andy: If you like military horror, you’ll love this book. Kind of convoluted, but the art is pretty (gory) and the story is interesting enough.

The Strain #1 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Wow, this one took me by surprise. Made my skin crawl from start to finish, and it has likeable characters. Definitely worth $1.

Superboy #4(DC)
Arnab: I just want Superboy to be best friends with Tim and Bart. That’s all.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #4 (Marvel)
Andy: This one is getting boring really quick. Which is a bummer because Ultimate Iceman is awesome.
Jeff: Ugh…this William Stryker is even worse than the 616 version.

Uncanny X-Force #18 (Marvel)
Andy: Ho. Ly. Fucking. Balls. Bow down to Rick Remender & Co.
Arnab: This was terrifically awesome. An amazing conclusion to what has been a brilliant story.
Capekiller: Sure it excites people like Jackson, but I’ll wait and see how they do without Apocalypse as a story device…
Jeff: This might be the best single issue of 2011.

The Walking Dead #92 (Image)
Andy: The best issue in awhile. Things are about to change dramatically (again), and for the better (for the first time?)… I think.
Arnab: With just a couple of sentences this new stranger has thrown everyone’s life into upheaval, how cool is that?
Capekiller: This is the save this series needed for me.  Some new super ninja character and news of multiple other “communities”…this is the progression I was looking for!
Jeff: Yes! It’s about time we start opening this world up a little.

Witchblade #150 (Top Cow)
Andy: I don’t usually read Witchblade, but checked this one out since it was the end of Ron Marz’s tenure on the book. I’ll probably check back in for #151.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #12 (Marvel)
Capekiller: The conclusion of a great, great Wolverine arc.  Step aside haters, this is what a Wolverine book should look like!

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Andy Liegl
Arnab Pradhan
Jeff Jackson



  1. capekiller

    Some great chirps there fellas!

  2. Didn’t get to read my books in time to chirp this week. ;( A few comments though, Uncanny X-Force was AMAZBALLS! and the Walking Dead was kick ass aslo.

    @Capekiller RE: Wolverine TBTI WTF? That is the worst Wolverine series, maybe even the worst comic book series of the year!!

  3. capekiller

    Loved it! Classic 80’s style storytelling with no strings attached. Too many Big Events these days that al have to tie into one another. Slows down the storytelling process. And Winsor was a great villain!

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