December 12, 2011

Advance Image Reviews: The Walking Dead #92

The Walking Dead #92
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Image
Price: $2.99
Available at comic retailers and digitally December 14, 2011

Ever since No Way Out, this book has been moving rather slowly. But then again, what do you do when you’ve been through everything these characters have been through? I’m glad that Kirkman has the writing sense to not allow this book to go through patterns of zombie attack-flee-find a safe place-zombie attack-repeat. Instead, he is keeping the group in Alexandria, Virginia in the community compound they have created. That said, Kirkman continues the drama, which is really why we all love this book.

Issue #92 is the pivotal point that takes us into what I think is the stretch to issue #100, and it’s much appreciated. At the end of last issue, we got a hint that someone is watching the community, however, as much as I thought this lurker might be repeating an oft-used trope in TWD, once again Kirkman gives us something new. This is something I have been wondering about since I started reading this book, and I’m glad Kirkman is starting to show the big picture.

This issue also focuses on two of my favorite characters, Michonne and Abraham, as they go out to do some zombie cleaning. These two are quickly becoming the break-out characters in recent years, and the more Kirkman explores them, the more I enjoy them. They aren’t usually paired up together, which makes the scene they’re in really enjoyable. And not only do they provide excellent character development, but Michonne and Abraham tend to give us the best action as well, and this issue is no different.

I tend to like the issues of TWD that don’t jump around to many characters, and this issue refrains from that. We are treated to the introduction of a new character, who is both refreshing and a challenge to the status quo of the book.

Charlie Adlard continues to please and give the look of the book the consistency it needs. So long as he’s on this book, I think folks will be happy since you don’t have to worry about any artistic surprises.

Kirkman and Adlard know what they’re doing on this book, and in a world where that’s not always the case on a comic book, I am quite pleased. It may not be the best time to jump onto the book, but so long as you know the basic premise of TWD, I think you should be able to fit right in, as this issue will certainly carry us forward to some interesting places.

Jeff Jackson



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