December 5, 2011

BOOM! Studios Reviews: Valen the Outcast #1

Valen the Outcast #1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Matteo Scalera (cover by Liam Sharp)
Colorist: Archie van Buren

Looking for a new fantasy book packed with action and adventure? Well look no further, people, because BOOM! Studios is bringing it with Valen the Outcast #1! The tale is one that has quite an interesting twist to it, and I for one think it’s great. Valen, the main character, is a former king, and the reason he’s a former king is because he’s dead. That’s right, Valen is basically a zombie-type creature that ceased to live after being killed in battle. This hasn’t slowed down his drive to fight against evil, though, but the first order of business is to find the person who killed him and reverse a curse that was placed on his soul. He seemingly only has one friend in life now, and that’s the beautiful and dangerous Zjanna. She’s quite the warrior herself, and when the evil forces of Korrus Null come looking for Valen, Zjanna has the fight of her life on her hands.

I definitely dig this idea of having a “Conan-esque” type character with the dead twist to it. It really gives it a feeling of originality, and new perspective. The writer, Michael Alan Nelson, sets up a good story here and gives you just enough to want to read the next issue, which is perfect. The artist (Matteo Scalera) does a fine job as well, and I really enjoyed the battle scenes. The ending was rather cryptic, but it was a good tease, as well. I’m hoping for big things with this book because it’s a fantasy book that really mirrors some of my all-time favorites like Conan and Kull. Oh, and did I mention that issue #1 is only $1!!! Rating 3.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Decapated Dan

    Great review. I recommend this one too!

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