November 21, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: BPRD: Hell on Earth Russia #3

B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth Russia #3
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Tyler Crook  (cover by Dave Johnson)

After last issue’s ending with Johann stuck inside a chamber with some kind of demon, Kate Corrigan was less than optimistic about further dealings with Russia’s Occult division. Well, let’s just say that Johann has things under control, but it isn’t giving Kate a more positive outlook, because Johann is collaborating with Director Losif and his partner. Now, this might seem like a minor annoyance, but when you’re dealing with the unknown, and being treated like second class citizens by the people who asked for your help, it’s a major problem. After extinguishing the demon, Johann secretly decides that he is going to descend into the depths that many others have and not come back from alive. He makes this decision without Kate knowing, until it’s too late for her to try and stop him. As Johann and a team of Spetsnaz head down to the underground compound that houses an unholy terror, Kate can only stand by and wonder if she’ll ever see Johann alive again. With the BPRD already hanging on by a thread (HellBoy, Abe Sapien, and Liz Sherman all off of active duty), will this trial be the end of the team or strengthen it?

Alright, well, this issue poses many questions about the future of the team, but this is a good thing, believe it or not. I personally feel like the team is going to come through this OK, and that everything that’s been happening for the last few months will lead into the team getting stronger. I think you can bet that Liz and Abe will be back sooner than later, and maybe even HellBoy (just my feelings, no insider info). Mignola and Allie do a great job in this issue setting up next issue, and I feel something even bigger for down the road. Tyler Crook is doing a fantastic job at the interiors of this book. He really knows how to draw something creepy and disgusting looking. I hope he stays with the BPRD books for a while. The cover by Dave Johnson is also quite good, as you can see. It really lets you know what you’re getting inside a BPRD book without opening it. You get something not quite normal, not quite right. And that’s right on the money for this book!

Billy Dunleavy



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