November 13, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #4

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #4
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Cover: Kaare Andrews

For anyone who doubted the validity of this series and the role of the new Spider-Man, Bendis just gave you the “take that!” issue right here. During Peter’s last night as Spider-Man, the fight was all over the news. Miles’s school is put on alert, and he gets Ganke to cover for him while he uses his new abilities to sneak out and make his way across town to the scene of Pete’s last battle. The rest of the issue is Bendis effectively connecting the dots while making Peter the catalyst for the decision that Miles is going to make. Though he’s going to have to explain himself to someone in particular by the end of the issue.

This series is one of those that represents the blueprint for character progression. Bendis is taking the legacy of Spider-Man and applying it on a deeper level with Miles. Building on what drove Peter to shoulder that responsibility, and transferring it over to a questioning Miles who feels guilty for not using his ability to help Peter. There’s such a great build up of drama throughout the issue that you might even forget it’s a superhero comic. From the complication and frustration of Miles coming to grips with everything, to the funeral of Peter Parker, Bendis brings you top notch storytelling. You’re also getting a supporting cast that is just as entertaining and actually improves the story.

As usual, Pichelli is on point with the artwork that gives that dramatic dialog of Bendis’s some more punch. Seeing Peter’s last few moments all over again and the look on Aunt May’s face when he died were some great panels. She also scatters little gems in the story, like the color scheme of Miles’s outfit when he sneaks out of the school. There’s also the continued cool shirts worn by Miles’s best friend Ganke, which have become something to look forward to now. All of this great art is made even better by the Ponsor’s colors which make it complete. Just in case you haven’t noticed, every single cover that Kaare Andrews has done has been excellent!

Again, my only complaint is that like with the first issue this one felt a bit short, even with the heavy amount of dialog. It’s evident that this isn’t a gimmick or some weak attempt to draw in readers only to have Peter come back in a couple of months. There is a serious move to solidify Miles’s place in the Ultimate Universe as the new Spider-Man, and it’s being pulled off expertly right here. Now, let’s get to the bad guys who will be trying to kill this kid, because even though this dramatic build up is great, it’s time for some action!

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