November 2, 2009

Cosplayer of the Month: Kell

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With over 127 beautiful costumes, who would be a better cosplayer to kick off the Cosplayer of the Month feature than Kell? From comic book characters, to anime characters, to movie characters, to Disney characters, to video game characters, Kell has done numerous costumes to show her love for the entertainment industry. I had the wonderful opportunity to ask her about her costumes and find out how she came to cosplaying as a hobby.

Black Canary from DC comics

Black Canary from DC comics

When did you start cosplaying?
I used to attend a local sci-fi con with my parents as a kid… I had a Next Generation Star Trek uniform. (laughs). The first time I sat down and tried to make a costume for myself based on an existing character was for Halloween 1999, when my grandmother helped me make a Quistis (FF8) costume.

What got you interested in cosplaying?
Costuming has always been something that’s been pretty ingrained in me from a young age… my parents were always big into making their own Halloween costumes for the party they used to have every year. I always loved Halloween and it was a natural conversion once I (re) discovered conventions.

Arwen from Lord of the Rings

Arwen from Lord of the Rings

What is your favorite aspect of cosplaying?

I have two. The first is, I love breaking down and planning a new costume. I like to sit down and figure out what patterns and materials I’m going to use, and start hunting for fabric, wigs, and shoes. I think that’s why I end up making so many costumes at once; because I’m addicted to that! (laughs) The second is the first time I get to put on a new costume. Some of them I end up not having time to have the whole thing on at once before a convention, so I don’t end up seeing it all together until the day of… it’s almost always exciting, I love it.

How long do your costumes usually take to make?
It depends, I’d say on average at least 3-4 weeks. Sometimes a couple of months. Some I’ll have pieces of done for several months before I finally finish the rest of it.

Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

What was the hardest costume/accessory/prop to make?

Just about every single one of them provides some kind of frustration (laughs). I’m lucky that I have my husband who makes a lot of the “hard” pieces (armor, weapons, etc) for me, because before those were the things I always had trouble with. Probably the hardest costume we tackled was my Kingdom Come Wonder Woman – he sculpted the eagle helmet and shin guards from scratch, while I made the leather bodice and skirt.

Do you have a favorite costume?
Yes! Kingdom Come Wonder Woman, Anne Boleyn, Belle’s ballgown, Ozma of Oz, Princess Leia, and Queen Amidala’s parade dress.

Yuuko (XxxHolic)

Yuuko (XxxHolic)

Which conventions have you attended?

Animazement 2001-2002

MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) 2001-2002, 2004, 2006-2007

Otakon 2002

Dragoncon 2002-2009

Katsucon 2003-2004

Project A-Kon 2003-2005

MidSouthCon 2002-2009

Zatanna (DC Comics)

Zatanna (DC Comics)

Anime Expo 2003

San Diego Comic Con 2004-2006

Star Wars Celebration 3

Shadowcon 2006

Nashville Comic & Horror Festival 2005-2007

Wonderfest 2006, Adventurecon 2007-2008

Megacon 2009

Any memorable moments in costume?
I’ll have to go with all of Dragoncon 2005, that was the best convention we ever went to – I had all my best friends there with me (in matching Disney costumes), and I met my now-husband at that con.

Anne Boylen (Historical figure)

Anne Boylen (Historical figure)

Do you have any upcoming costumes in mind?

Oh yeah! I always try to plan about a year ahead with my costumes, not that I always stick to the schedule. I’m really hoping to finish my Princess Leia Bespin gown next year – I’ve had it “in-progress” since 2006, as well as my remake of Belle’s ballgown that I’ve been putting off. Some comic book stuff, too.

Poison Ivy (Batman) Scarlet Witch (Marvel) and Sally Jupiter (Watchmen)

Poison Ivy (Batman) Scarlet Witch (Marvel) and Sally Jupiter (Watchmen)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Snowbunny Padme and Slave Leia (Star Wars
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) Snowbunny Padme and Slave Leia (Star Wars)

Thank you, Kell, for the wonderful interview and photos. To see more of her costumes, as these are just a handful of hers, visit her site A Night at the Opera and

Leia (Hoth version from Star Wars) Hild and Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)

Leia (Hoth version from Star Wars) Hild and Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess)

Dee McNamara



  1. Eli

    This girl is talented, and the husband’s pullin’ his weight too, nice.

  2. Wow. Some of those are very difficult to make. She’s incredibly skilled.

  3. Infinite Speech

    That Kingdome Come Wonder Woman is bangin’! I like the adjustments she made with the Black Canary costume as well, still looks like she’ll kick your ass but less slutty! Maybe someone at DC should see this and make the change

  4. Jeff Jackson

    Those are amazing! What great talent!

  5. Billy

    Dear lord

  6. Dee

    Hey, Infinate, Black Canary’s outfit was originally like that, they just made it sluttier. It’s the first Black Canary’s costume. so what should be said is someone should slap DC and ask them why they changed it!

    *Pokes Billy* You okay? lol

  7. WOW!

    Way to start out with a bang, Dee!

    Kell- your costumes are gorgeous and it’s awesome that you met your husband at a geek convention!!

  8. Kelly

    I love her costumes! I can’t wait until I can do a quarter of what she can.

    Kell, you are so friggin’ awesome!

  9. TRistAN

    This is my favourite female cosplay ever. I’m really tired of girls going over skanky and then their costumes don’t even look cool, all of her costumes look AMAZING she’s beautiful, she’s modest but still sexy, and just everything looks great. Very dedicated and talented.

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