December 6, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 11/30/2011

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Written by: Arnab
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FF #12 (Marvel)
Arnab: See, now this is what I was hoping this book would have been from the very beginning, all about the kids. Great issue.

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #3 (Archaia)
Jeff: Mice with swords being badass…what more do you want in a comic?

Super Dinosaur #6 (Skybound)
NickZ: The high flying fun doesn’t stop on this series. Why didn’t they have comics like this when I was a kid?

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1
Arnab: Nick Spencer has returned to one of last year’s most exciting and masterfully written books.

Thunderbolts #166 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Jeff Parker crafts an excellent story that takes the team back to the streets of London in the time of Jack the Ripper!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4
Arnab: Together at last! The turtle brothers have found each other, yay!

Uncanny X-Men #2 (Marvel)
Arnab: I am loving this book. Sinister has always been the perfect foil to Cyclops. Both of them are very thought process based and this upgraded Sinister is looking even more, well, sinister.
Jeff: Hey Marvel, remember when you wanted to bring new readers onto Uncanny by creating a jumping on point and renumbering? Guess what? You failed! This is nonsensical garbage!
Capekiller: Just like DC’s new 52 was a good jumping on point, this might be a good jumping off point for this long time Uncanny fan….
NickZ: The cover looks like Sinister is asking Cyclops to pick which of his ladies is going to die and Cyke is like, “Please don’t make me choose!”.

Wolverine #19 (Marvel)
Capekiller: Sad to see this arc end.  Great writing Mr. Aaron!
Jeff: Dragons vomiting on a guy who can punch your soul. Yeah, that happened here.
NickZ: This issue was great and I loved the return to Harry’s! Well done!

X-Men Legacy #259 (Marvel)
Andy: Great buildup and it seemed promising, but the ending fell flat, throwing back to events from Second Coming. Seriously, does anyone stay dead?
Arnab: Even though we all know what side this book is choosing, I like the struggle. At least someone is having a hard time choosing. I thought it was strange that Alex made it seem like Cyclops had a choice in all this.
Jeff: Spoiler alert! Ariel? C’mon, really…F’N ARIEL? Who gives a crap????
Capekiller: This book really intrigued me!  Carey really captured some raw emotions with this swing of the bat!
NickZ: Dear Rogue, This is not Sophie’s Choice, get over it!

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