November 4, 2011

Image Reviews: Vescell #3

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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Vescell #3
Publisher: Image
Writer: Enrique Carrion
Artist: John “Roc” Upchurch
Cover: John “Roc” Upchurch

Last issue we were introduced to a plot to transfer an artificial intelligence named K.A.T.I. into a human body. An act that is not only illegal, but viewed as an abomination. Hit men were dispatched and a guy got his ass kicked by a vibrator wielding assassin with pretty cool powers. This issue delivers the second half of that tale as all parties involved show up for a mystical/sci-fi throwdown. Things get hectic, and in the process we find out the lie that was told goes even deeper than hinted. You can expect that a power play is going to be made soon, and it’s not going to be pretty. In the second story, titled “Bone Hunt,” we meet Lieutenant Vega, who is taking a rookie out on his first major assignment. A dealer in rune weaponry is moving some of his product and it’s up to them to make sure the merchandise doesn’t make it to its new owners.

Carrion lets the stories in the pages of Vescell speak for themselves, as he allows the events and characters to take the reader deeper instead of revealing everything early on. Sometimes with a new title you’ll get hit with all kinds of facts, with everything laid out all nice and pretty in the first few issues. Well, we’re three issues deep here and “not knowing” hasn’t been this fun in a long time. The constant introduction of characters doesn’t get confusing, as everyone here stands out and even the average rookie cop surprisingly had enough personality to keep him from being easily dismissed. I also like the fact that even though Detective Barrino is the main character, we’ve been given just as many strong male and female characters as a supporting cast that don’t seem to fall into many of the negative comic clichés and stereotypes.

The artwork for both stories was pretty strong this issue, as Upchurch moves Carrion’s script with ease and clarity. More often I’m a fan of slightly detailed backgrounds, so when an artist uses a wash or action lines in most of the panels there’s a tendency for things to get repetitive. Not the case here, as there’s enough eye candy to keep you occupied especially when the action gets going. Plus, he’s delivering a lot more than the twenty-two pages for the average comic, so there’s really no complaint here. Also, the shots of Icarus City were a great change of pace and were distinctly different from locations we’ve seen in the past two issues.

Vescell is a mature title for several reasons, but none of the language, sex, or themes are thrown in for shock value or just gratuitous. It’s all relevant to the story and enhances the content. So if you’re looking for something a bit different that isn’t a dumbed down version of something else, then Vescell needs to be on your list of titles to pick up. The creative team’s world showcases magical beings from the Banerealm and Earth individuals with certain abilities, then they throw in some good detective stories and a retro yet sci-fi feel, and we’ve got one hell of a title in Vescell.

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