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October 18, 2011

Contest of Champions (CoC) Episode #10: Thor vs. Invisible Woman & Red Hulk

Welcome to Contest of Champions (CoC) Podcast, Episode #10! CoC is an interactive player vs. player game where your favorite Marvel characters go head to head to answer the eternal question of “who can beat whom in a fight?”

Join Jeff Jackson and Ian Johnson every week as they welcome two team managers who have a stable of five characters each ready to blast, zap, snikt, thwip, and smash their way to be the last one standing! It’s a little bit fan fiction, a little bit debate, a little bit role playing, and a whole bunch of fun! It’s an interactive adventure for the managers, and for the ComicAttack.net community.

This week, we’re joined by Dan Briand, Eli Anthony, and guest host Infinite Speech!

First, we want to remind you, if you are a comic artist, and you would like to provide a sketch or drawing of the characters battling this week, please send a link to your sketch to jeff@comicattack.net. We would love to spotlight your stuff!

Next, on this episode we shared our weekly Fights of the Week!
Dan picked up Alpha Flight #2 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Dale Eaglesham while on vacation, and appreciated how the team, with Puck’s help, took out Heather Hudson.
Eli, like all of us, loved Uncanny X-Force #16 by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, especially when Blob flattens Fantomex, but gets a mouthful of steak knife thanks to Deadpool.
Infinite Speech realized in New Avengers #17 by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato that Dr. Strange still has the Crimson Bands of Cytorakk that he uses against Ultimo.
Ian recaps the titular fight of Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #3 by Victor Gischler and Ryan Stegman as Hulk fights not only Dracula, but a cool new team of vampires.
Jeff geeked out over Amazing Spider-Man #671 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos as Spidey gets his spider-sense back in a fight against Kaine.

Most importantly, here’s the show:

Episode #10

(You can click the link to listen to the podcast or right click “save link as” to download it.)

This week, we have another double team card played this time by Eli. Can the God of Thunder take out the team-up of the most powerful member of the FF & the Big Red Hulk? You can click on the images to find out the characters’ power sets and history.

Managed by Dan Briand


Thor by Aris Iliopolous




Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman by Terry Dodson


Red Hulk
Managed by Eli Anthony


Red Hulk by Andrew Charipar



at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Here are the rules for the managers, check ’em out.

Here’s how CoC works for you folks at home:

1. Listen to the podcast.
2. Come back here to Comicattack.net to this very post. Share your opinion, comment below, and help sway the public opinion. Even comments provided by the Comicattack.net fans will be considered by Jeff & Ian in their decisions.
3. VOTE on the poll below! You have until Sunday night, October 23 at 9:00pm EST to vote. That’s when we record the show. Votes at the time of recording will be the only ones that will count.
4. E-mail us at jeff@comicattack.net or leave us a voicemail at 706 761-0115 with your questions, comments, or rationales. You may make it on the show!
5. Listen to the next episode to see who wins! The winner will be announced at the beginning of the show.
6. One small disclaimer: This is all subjective. Have fun with it and if your favorite character doesn’t win, laugh it off and keep on listening!

Don’t forget to leave us an iTunes Review by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter @CoCComicattack, or Like us on Facebook. To listen to previous episodes and battles, visit this link.

Next week: Tom McNeely vs. Andy Liegl

CoC Standings

Eli Anthony 3-0-1
Beta Ray Bill
Dr. Doom
Red Hulk
Invisible Woman
Prince of Orphans
Environment Switch Card: 1, Double Team Card: 0

Dan Briand 2-2-0
Black Bolt
Protector (Noh-Varr)
Environment Switch Card: 1, Double Team Card: 0

Andy Liegl 1-3-0
Ms. Marvel
Environment Switch Card: 1, Double Team Card: 1

Tom McNeely 1-2-1
Dr. Strange
Thor Girl
Wonder Man
Environment Switch Card: 1, Double Team Card: 1

Current Environments in Play:
Golden Gate Bridge
International Space Station
World’s Largest Iceberg, Off the coast of Greenland

This week’s music is brought to you by Danger Mouse & Daniele Lupi featuring Jack White, Two Against One.

Jeff Jackson



  1. Eli

    Hey everyone, remember that the Red Hulk has beaten Thor all by himself. Now he’s got the Invisible Woman to help him defeat the Odinson. Thor couldn’t handle Red Hulk, there’s no way he can handle Red Hulk AND Invisible Woman.

  2. Moses

    Seems like Thor is outclassed on this one. I’m hoping Dan can come up with some creative ways to divide and conquer.

  3. Jeff Jackson

    Hmmm…I’m not quite convinced either way yet. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion. Especially considering what happened in Fear Itself #7…

  4. Hey, Jeff “Spoiler” Jackson some of us haven’t read the issue yet!! lol

  5. Eli

    If Speech doesn’t start to catch up on his books we might have to shutdown the site for fear of spoiling everything for him.


    vote for Red Hulk and the Invisible Woman!

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