October 12, 2011

Bento Bako Lite: October 2011 Previews Highlights

It’s October, a time for new computer monitors (apparently), costume parties, and more holes in your wallet from buying more good manga. It’s also time for Diamond’s October 2011 Previews catalog. As with every other month, I have flipped through its pages and tried to find the best and most interesting manga for you, so pull out your pre-order forms and get ready to order some new manga! All product descriptions are from Previews unless otherwise noted.

Kris’s Pull List

Mass Effect: Invasion #3 (of 4), by Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller, and Omar Francia. “The Omega space station has fallen and Aria, Omega’s pirate queen, is on the run from an enemy greater than anything she’s ever faced before. Learning that the battle is merely the first skirmish in a war that will reshape the galaxy, Aria must retake Omega and lead a new charge to save her empire!” From Dark Horse Comics, December 21, 2011, $3.50.

Gate 7 volume 2, by CLAMP. “A strange dimension overlaps with our reality, sending magical creatures and bloodthirsty spellcasters against the Earth’s protectors. As the newest member in Hana’s group, awkward high schooler Chikahito Takamoto is looked upin with puzzlement and suspicion. They don’t know how he can be immune to their powers, or if Chikahito has any latent powers of his own. Finding himself in the middle of this mystical war, Chikahito tries to make sense of his quirky, moody allies and his own feelings for Hana – a strong, short, and awfully cute warrior!” From Dark Horse Comics, February 29, 2012, $10.99.

Cardcaptor Sakura volume 3, by CLAMP. “Now that Sakura has proven herself as a magician, she finds that there are other unnatural forces threatening her town…forces linked somehow to two mysterious transfer students who’ve just arrived – one attracted to her brother, the other attracted to her! Li and Sakura may be friends now instead of rivals, but if there’s a rival for Sakura’s affections, is he going back to Hong Kong…?” From Dark Horse Comics, February 15, 2012, $19.99.

Magdalena #12, by Ron Marz and various artists. “Patience, Kristof, and Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini race to retrieve the piece of the One True Cross, before is is once again lost to the world. Will Patience be able to recover the relic or will she share the fate of her ancestor?” From Top Cow, December 14, 2011, $3.99.

RASL #13, by Jeff Smith. “Rasl tries to carry out his plan to shut down the universe bending St. George Array forever, but rogue government assassin Salvador Crow won’t give up without a battle!” From Cartoon Books, December 28, 2011, $3.50.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #20, by Chuck Dixon, with art by Andie Tong. “Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas flee across open ground with fewer and fewer places to hide while trying to stay ahead from the increasing numbers of murderous ravens hot on their trail. The race is on to reach the safety of the stedding before sunset in the next chapter of Robert Jordan’s fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World!” From Dynamite Entertainment, December 14, 2011, $3.99.

Black Sun volume 2, by Uki Ogasawara. From “As the former Crusader commander Lord Francis and the king continue their manipulations of both Leonard and General Jan, it is quite apparent that they intend to drive the two lovers apart. But why is that and is Leonard really just a plaything for General Jan, as the spoils of war? Or Will General Jan continue to defy convention and risk everything by defying his king, in order to claim the heart and body of the knight he conquered in battle?” From Digital Manga Publishing, December 7, 2011, $15.95.

Phoenix Wright volume 4, by Kenji Kuroda and Kazuo Maekawa. “Ace attorney, Phoenix Wright is at it again, protecting the innocent and helping his friends with his amazing skills as a lawyer. Adapted from the bestselling video game.” From Kodansha Comics, December 27, 2011, $10.99.

Skip Beat! volume 26, by Yoshiki Nakamura. “Kyoko thinks she’s survived Valentine’s Day, but that’s just the kind of attitude that gets her in trouble with the president of LME. Lory is very disappointed in the girls of the Love Me Section and sets up special new assignments to teach them the power of love. But will the president’s strange methods have any affect on the troubled souls of Chiori, Moko and Kyoko?” January 3, 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Oresama Teacher volume 6, by Izumi Tsubaki. “The student council’s very own ninja, Shinobu Yui, is set on destroying Mafuyu’s club. He thinks he can take it down by taking on Mafuyu, but he didn’t count on the power of her alter ego, Super Bun! Besides, Mafuyu really has better things to do with her time, like attempting to be a regular high schooler and beating the secrets out of her teacher, Mr. Saeki.” January 3, 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Black Bird volume 12, by Kanoko Sakurakouji. “Sho’s manipulations have cast the demon world into chaos, and Kyo must leave the tengu village to help save the Kuzunoha clan from slaughter. But giving aid to one of his few remaining allies means he must leave Misao vulnerable to attack.” January 3, 2012, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Afterschool Charisma volume 5, by Kumiko Suekane. “St. Kleio Academy is a very exclusive school: all of the students are clones of famous historical figures such as Beethoven, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Mozart, and Freud. All of them, that is, except for Shiro Kamiya. As Shiro struggles to adapt to this unusual campus, St. Kleio’s first graduate, a clone of John F. Kennedy, is killed. Are the clones doomed to repeat the fate of their generic progenitors, or can they create their own destinies? And how does a normal boy like Shiro fit in?” January 17, 2012, $12.99, from Viz Media.

Cross Game volume 6, by Mitsuru Adachi. “The arrival of a new year brings Ko’s last shot at Koshien closer at hand. But Akane Takigawa and her striking resemblance to Wakaba cause Ko’s heart to stir. Meanwhile, something happens to make Azuma and Aoba grow closer. Young feelings wax and wane in Ko’s third year of high school. And to top it off, the Seishu baseball team gets a new coach?!” January 10, 2012, $14.99, from Viz Media.

The Betrayal Knows My Name volume 2, by Hotaru Odagiri. “The once-orphaned Yuki finds himself the center of attention among Twilight Hall’s residents, all reincarnated souls that exist solely to do battle with the demonic Duras. But while Yuki strives to reach out to these new companions the Duras are at work all around him. The case of Sleeping Beauty Syndrome continues to present elsewhere in Tokyo. Though Takashiro, the head of the Giou clan, has been brought in to investigate by the police, all semblance of calm is thrown to the wind when one of the Zweilt disappears from right under the roof of Twilight Hall!” From Yen Press, December 13, 2011, $18.99.

Also From Dark Horse Comics:

Oh My Goddess! volume 20, by Kosuke Fujishima. “Cute meganekko (girl with glasses) Sora Hasegawa faces off against Keiichi in a crazy g0-kart race through campus to settle who will lead the Motor Club. Keiichi has the experience…but Hasegawa is being trained by Belldandy! No more gap on your bookshelf, Oh My Goddess! fans – volume 20 completes the run of ‘classic’ Oh My Goddess! volumes, previously released flopped, now reissued in Japanese reading order!” February 22, 2012, $11.99.

Also From Digital Manga Publishing:

Secrecy of the Shivering Night, by Muku Ogura. “When Himi was a small boy, he became terrified of the dark thanks to a trauma suffered during an earthquake. His dorm mate Furuya is afraid of bright lights, so what can the do? Featuring a gentle tale of school romance that is born when two souls reach out to comfort one another. Miku Ogura is known for her artistic talent and brilliant storyline – this is her debut work in English.” December 15, 2011, $12.95.

The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 5, by Hinako Takanaga. “Morinaga has finally achieved the impossible! He’s living under the same roof as the ever-aloof (and totally gorgeous) Tatsumi…but the sad truth is that Tatsumi’s bedroom remains under lock and key! Is this a serious signal that Tatsumi wants nothing to do with his crushed-out housemate? Or will the door swing open just enough to let Morinaga in for a little visit? The Tyrant Falls in Love takes two men out of the lab and forces them into the bedroom for a hot and hilarious series of near-misses…and surprisingly sizzling trysts! How long will it take for a sweetheart and a surly bully to put their differences aside in the name of penetrating [LOL, what a pun] passion?” December 15, 2011, $12.95.

Only Serious About You volume 2, by Asou Kai. “Nao and his adorable daughter Chizu are happy to share a roof (and lots of delicious dinners) with the ever-dedicated Yoshi…but when a huge change threatens to break apart their brand-new family, everyone is left hurt and confused. Are Nao and Yoshi ready to step up and declare their love at the very moment that it matters most? Only Serious About You follows two men and a sweet little lady on a dizzying roller-coaster ride filled with hope, hilarity and plenty of love! Can two men be perfect parents and perfect partners for one another…or will the combined stresses of their crazy lives get the best of them?” December 15, 2011, $12.95.

Also From Kodansha Comics:

Bloody Monday volume 3, by Ryuman Ryou. “Takagi Fujimaru may seem like a regular high school student, but behind the cheery facade lies a genius hacker by the name of Falcon. When his father is framed for a murder, Falcon uses his brilliant hacking skills to try and protect his sister and clear his father’s name. However, he finds that his father, and agent in an elite government agency, was involved with something far more complex than a simple murder. A terrorist group is plotting against the city of Tokyo and it is up to Falcon, with the help of his friends to unravel the twisted plans set in place to kill millions of people!” December 20, 2011, $10.99.

Love Hina Omnibus volume 2, by Ken Akamatsu. “When Keitaro Urashima fails his entrance exams to get into Tokyo University for the second time, he’s officially an unemployed and uneducated slacker. To make things worse, his parents have kicked him out of his house. Fortunately, his grandmother owns the fabulous Hinata Lodge and has agreed to take Keitaro in as caretaker. What he doesn’t know is that the lodge is actually a girl’s dorm and he’s the only guy around! Most guys would kill to live with five sexy ladies, but if Keitaro’s not careful, this job will kill him.” December 27, 2011, $19.99.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei! volume 12, by Koji Kumeta. “Teachers are supposed to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams and achieve great things. However, Nozomu is not that teacher. Nozomu’s probably the most depressive man in Japan – so depressive, in fact, that every little setback in life inspires yet another suicide attempt! But then why is being in Nozomu’s class such a blast? Is it his quirky and endearing students?  The bizarre adventures he leads them on? Or is there something after all to ‘the Power of Negative Thinking’?” December 13, 2011, $10.99.

Also From Viz Media:

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, by Karuho Shiina. “Sawako and Kazehaya are now dating! Sawako’s worried that she hasn’t told her parents about it, though. Will her father freak out that his little girl has a boyfriend?!” January 3, 2012, $9.99.

Jormungand volume 8, by Keitaro Takahashi. “While doing business in Southeast Asia, Koko Hekmatyar’s brother, Kasper, runs into some interference from the Japaense SR counterintelligence unit. Koko and her team head to Japan to sort things out, but taking on the rogue Japanese unit on their home turf is just asking for trouble. However, Koko’s man Tojo knows the ground and the opposition – he once served in the SR unit under its leader, Yosuki Hinoki, Japan’s ‘One and Only Spymaster.’ When Koko goes into action, she looks for every advantage she can find, but in this deadly game, is she the one getting played?” January 10, 2012, $12.99.

Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll volume 1, by Yumi Tsukirino. “Meet the puppy with a tail like a cinnamon roll! Cinnamoroll is no ordinary pup. He loves freshly baked cinnamon rolls and uses his long ears to fly high into the sky! With his friends Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino and little Milk, he’s always on the lookout for a new adventure.” January 3, 2012, $7.99.

The Legend of Zelda Box Set, by Akira Himekawa. “Contains all 10 volumes of The Legend of Zelda manga series and a collectible poster.” October 25, 2011, $69.99.

The Secret World of Arrietty Picture Book, The Art of the Secret World of Arrietty, and The Secret World of Arrietty (Film Comic) volume 1 and volume 2, by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. [Description from the picture book.] “Arrietty isn’t your ordinary fourteen-year-old girl – she’s small enough to make her home under the floorboards of a typical house, ‘borrowing’ what she and her family need from the giants in whose shadows they love. A young boy named Sho befriends Arrietty, but when adults discover the Borrowers, [Arriettey] and Sho must work together to save her family.” January 3, 2012 (all), $19.99 (picture book, HC), $34.99 (artbook, HC), $16.99 (comic).

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! Box Set, by Shigekatsu Ihara. “Contains all 8 volumes of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventures! series and a collectible poster!” October 25, 2011, $59.99.

From Vertical Inc.:

Drops of God volume 2, by Tadashi Agi. “Few comics have ever exhibited such sway over the economics of an industry as the Drops of God. The legendary wine comic that dictates wine market prices worldwide is now available in English for the first time! A wine critic and his rival brother must compete against each other to determine who will inherit their father’s estate – a wine collection featuring 13 heaven blessed wines!” December 13, 2011, $14.95.

Tezuka’s Princess Knight volume 2, by Osamu Tezuka. “The godfather of anime and manga not only gave birth to the most popular boys properties of all time – Astro Boy and Black Jack – but he inspired a generation’s female artists worldwide with his most iconic heroine: Princess Knight. A touching fairy tale about a princess who must disguise herself as a prince in order to maintain her royal lineage.” December 6, 2011, $13.95.

Also From Yen Press:

Kobato volume 5, by CLAMP. “As the seeds of love begin to bloom in Kobato’s heart, her attentions are diverted from giving solace to strangers and [filling] up her magic bottle to finally earn her mysterious wish! Now it seems all Kobato has eyes for is the dour Fujimoto-kun and putting a smile on his face. With this turn of events, Kobato is fighting to save Yomogi Kindergarten more than ever, at the expense of her magic bottle. But as time runs out for her quest, is Kobato unwittingly endangering her wish, her life and the lives of Ioryogi, and his erstwhile allies by choosing to follow her heart?” December 13, 2011, $11.99.

My Girlfriend’s a Geek volume 5, by Pentabu and Rize Shinba. [Final volume.] “The great bit, noisy elephant at the heart of Yuiko and Taiga’s relationship has long been Yuiko fujoshi tendencies. But despite hazing from Akari, Kouji’s rotten little sister, Taiga finds himself less and less bothered by his girlfriend’s hobbies and more at peace with them – and himself! But when Milan, Yuiko’s obnoxious boss, makes a last ditch effort to steal her away for good, will Taiga’s newfound openness prove a weak spot in the face of an all-out love attack?” December 13, 2011, $11.99.


Romeo and Juliet: The War, by Stan Lee (and various) and Skan Srisuwan. “Two groups of superhuman soldiers have turned the Empire of Verona into the most powerful territory on earth. The Montagues, powerful cyborgs made of artificial DNA, and the Capulets, genetically enhanced humans known for their speed and agility, worked in tandem to destroy all threats to the city. With no one left to fight, the Montagues and Capulets found themselves a new enemy: each other. A young Montague boy and Capulet girl who fall in love. They secretly plan to marry, hoping their union can be what brings peace between the warring factions. But forces beyond their control begin to conspire against them, threatening their love, their lives – and the entire Empire of Verona. HC includes extra bonus material.” Sometime towards the end of 2011, from 1821 Comics, $19.99 (soft cover), $29.99 (HC). Tossed this one in because it looks really interesting, and I enjoy twists on Shakespeare’s plays.

Magdalena Artifacts Statue, from Top Cow and The CS Moore Studio. This gorgeous statue of Patience stands about 18″ tall (1/6-scale), and is made out of cold-cast porcelain. $199, coming out later this year.

Galaxy Quest: NSEA Protector Ship Prebuilt Model, from Pegasus Hobbies. Guys, it’s a freaking Galaxy Quest ship model. I am not ashamed to admit that the hilarious Galaxy Quest is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I would love this ship model to grace my shelves. Comes pre-built with a display stand in window box packaging. $39.99, available now.

Bleach: Figuarts Zero PVC Figures, from Bandai and Toynami. Two great looking figures, one of Ichigo in his Final Getsuga Tenshō form, and another of Aizen preparing his Hogyoku attack. Each stands 8″ tall in window box packaging. Scheduled to ship in December, not sure how much they’ll run (price is listed as “please inquire), but looking around, I imagine they’ll run close to $50 each.

Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black, from Viz Media. “When a mysterious, scythe-wielding figure causes the destruction of Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s laboratory in the Seireitei, a chain of shocking events is set in motion, forcing Ichigo to run for his life in a frantic search for the missing Rukia, all the while pursued by the Soul Reapers he once fought alongside, who now see him as an enemy to destroy!” November 15, 2011, $19.98 (DVD), $24.98 (BR).

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Apocalypse Saga DVD Collection, from Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment. “The duels are beginning to comes to an end…with the final duel ‘Revolution,’ drawing ever closer. Utena and Anthy have managed to fend off the ferocity of the Black Rose Duelists, but now desperation will be the deciding factor. The final arc begins, the prize being the power to revolutionize the world. Emotions, memories and all secrets will be brought into the open! It’s the entire ‘Apocalypse Saga’ (Utena episodes 27-39) on 4 DVDs!” $79.99.

Robotech: The Complete Series DVD, from A&E Entertainment. This complete collection contains all 17 discs with all three Robotech series, plus four bonus discs with 10+ hours of extra content. All three chapters are also available seperately (but do not contain the bonus discs exclusive to the complete series set). October 18, 2011, $99.95 (complete series set), or $39.95 for each individual series (The Macross Saga, The Masters Saga, and The New Generation).

And that’s that for this month! Hope you found something good!



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