October 9, 2011

Image Reviews: Vescell #2

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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Vescell #2
Publisher: Image
Writer: Enrique Carrion
Artist: John Upchurch
Cover: John Upchurch

This issue is broken up into two separate stories, but each stands on its own to further the plot and the world of Vescell. The first tale focuses on Kim, who is very jealous of her sister Allison and plans on killing her and taking over her life. So with the help of Allison’s boyfriend, they will get an AWOL V-Tran Technician to swap the minds and souls of the sisters so Kim can have the life she thinks she deserves. The problem arrives when Agent Barrino is called in to retrieve the escaped technician and complicates what these two think is supposed to be an easy switch. The next story is a bit more complicated, as Carrion introduces us to several more layers in this world he’s created. After an artificial intelligence named K.A.T.I. witnesses the death of its friend due to an act of betrayal, it comes to the conclusion that the only way to protect a now motherless child is to acquire a human body and soul. However, doing this is seen as an abomination, and it’s a request that Agent Barrino refuses to grant when he’s called upon. It’s also an illegal procedure, because it means the death of a human being. Though it does seem that K.A.T.I. knows about the incident his girlfriend was involved in, and has access to classified info which it uses to try to sway Barrino. Unknown to Barrino, someone at the company actually wants this transfer to happen, and mystical hitmen are called in to make sure things go smoothly.

Just like in the first issue, there is a LOT going on in the world of Vescell, though this second issue seems to pace things out a little better. Carrion’s first story was pretty quick and fast paced, but we get a bit deeper into the relationship between Barrino and Machi, his fairy protector. The way he has them play off one another always makes for some entertaining panels, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Machi would cease to be a fairy if they slept together, you know these two would have hooked up a long time ago. Plus the conversation about dodging a flock of Pegasi when they are doing a number two is hilarious. Carrion takes the time in the second story to expand on a few things about the world he’s created, and out of the new characters introduced Artaya steals the show. Most of it is due to how she attacked her would be assailant and her pretty cool set of abilities that were displayed during the fight. Again, there’s also just some really great dialog in this second tale, and that was a relief since there is plenty of it. Now, there are times when the main character is a little too cool for the story. What I mean by that is I feel as if he is overshadowed by the other characters, whereas in the first one he was a bit more front and center.

Upchurch handles the art in both tales quite well, but I’ll say that “A K.A.T.I.E. Story” was the stronger of the two. Certain panels in “Little Miss Hurt This” seemed as rushed and frantic as the action taking place, but when things slowed down the work was much better. There’s a blend of  the 1950s and the far future that has a very nice balance here and gives the scenery a bit of a kick. I also like the fact that all of the women portrayed in this series aren’t all a size two with triple D cups, which is something that popped out at me in the first issue.

Vescell has a quality all its own, and it’s too unique of a story to pass up. There’s also the fact that you get 29 pages of story for $2.99, and considering I paid $3.99 for 22 pages of a certain mutant title this week, I came out better getting Vescell. Not sure how they do it, but they deserve a “thank you” from my wallet. Once the plot is fleshed out a bit more, the overall story will flow a little better (at least to me), but Carrion and Upchurch have something really good here and I’m definitely on board!

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