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October 9, 2011

Stay Tooned Sundays: Voltron: The Final Battle

This week’s STS is overflowing with awesomeness! First up is some info for all of you folks lucky enough to be attending the New York Comic Con 2011 next weekend. Warner Home Video and DC Entertainment will be having a panel on Friday October 14 from 3-4 pm all about the upcoming animated DC Universe movies. Included in the festivities will be the premiere of the Catwoman short that will be on the  Batman: Year One DVD due out October 18 staring Buffy and Dollhouse alumni Eliza Dushku. At the panel, they will also show the first clips from Justice League: Doom, the next in line of the DC animated films. If that’s not enough, the panel will include special guests Bruce Timm (executive producer), Andrea Romano (casting director), and THE BATMAN himself, Kevin Conroy. Also for those in attendance, expect some surprise guests and exclusive prizes, plus an autograph session following the panel!

As if that NYCC news wasn’t exciting enough, this week we will be checking out the soon to be released DVD of a cult fan favorite, Voltron: The Final Battle! This DVD compilation contains eight digitally remastered episodes from season 1 of the incredibly popular original series. Also included on the disc as bonus features are a look at five new Voltron team powers from the new Voltron Force cartoon on Nicktoons, and a preview of the new “Blazing Sword Voltron” actionfigure from

Title: Voltron: The Final Battle
Company: World Events Production
Distributed by: Vivendi Entertainment
US Release Date: November 1, 2011
Length: 195 mins.
Rating: Not Rated

In these episodes, the Voltron team have a slew of awesome adventures, including stopping the dreaded Omega Comet, rescuing Princess Romelle from Prince Lotor, and having the “final” confrontation with Zarkon and the Planet Doom. In addition, these episodes also contain the return of Sven, the original Blue Lion pilot. Relive classic Voltron moments like the three-way power struggle for control of Planet Doom between King Zarkon, Prince Lotor, and the evil Witch Haggar. All the great Voltron allies make appearances as well, including Nanny, Prince Bandor, Coran, and even those little space mice. The main draw of this series of course is Voltron itself and the five colorful teammates who pilot the lions, including Keith (Black Lion), Lance (Red Lion), Pidge (Green Lion), Hunk (Yellow Lion), and Princess Allura (Blue Lion).

This DVD is nostalgic gold for any fan of the 1984 series. The cartoon actually holds up pretty well compared to other kids’ shows of that time. In holding with classic anime staples, the animation doesn’t disappoint and is exactly how you remember it. The great Voltron battle scenes with lasers, bombs, and explosions are just as crazy as ever. Not to be forgotten either are the Voltron team’s extreme closeups during those stressful and painful situations. Also, it wouldn’t be Voltron without every character sweating like they just stepped off the surface of the sun. With dialog that is so optimistic, repetitive, and a bit corny at times that you can’t help but like it. Pick this disc up for nostalgic value alone, or to introduce another generation to the awesomeness that is Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

Nick Zamora



  1. Billy

    Did someone say Eliza Dushku?…Oh, and Voltron rocks!

  2. Great write-up.

    Is it sad that I’m more excited about Voltron than Batman?

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