October 2, 2011

Boom! Previews: Grandpa Won’t Wake Up

Grandpa Won’t Wake Up
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Written By: simon max hill
Art and Cover By: Shannon Wheeler
Colors By: Tina Ding

Two words: Epically Hysterical.

The team of simon max hill (yes, written all in lower case) and Shannon Wheeler (best known for Too Much Coffee Man) proves a formidable force of funny in this brilliant parody of old school Golden Books stories. The plot is simple: two kids go to wake Grandpa up, but he doesn’t. We know he’s probably dead, they don’t get it. As the book goes on the kids do more and more drastic things to wake him up; from punching him to dressing him like a Nazi, all gloves are off to wake Grandpa up! Is it a black sense of humor: yes. Is that why this reviewer enjoyed it and thinks it’s one of the most brilliant parodies to come out this year: hell yeah!

Check out this preview of the first few pages from our pals at Boom!:

And you can imagine by what I mentioned before where it goes from here. If off-beat humor is your thing, you couldn’t make a better purchase this week. Out in stores on October 5th, 2011; check it out!

Drew McCabe


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  1. Cool and cute artwork I am looking forward to reading this today.

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