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September 29, 2011

Aspen Comics Reviews: Soulfire vol. 3 #4

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Written by: AHudson
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Soulfire vol. 3 #4
Aspen MLT
Writer: J.T. Krul
Artists: Ryan Odagawa, Jason Fabok, and John Starr
Cover: Jason Fabok

“Déjà vu”: Soulfire has shown a lot of great promise since the debut of its third volume. And now that it’s carried on into issue #4, some of that promise for a delving into the story is being fulfilled.

As always, the artwork is incredible. If these guys don’t get an Eisner nomination, I’d be surprised. Ryan Odagawa and Jason Fabok do a great job penciling some sharp and crisp drawings. John Starr shows once more some beautiful coloring that’s clean and is every bit as striking as the drawings themselves. And Josh Reed is quite the letterer, having more readable boxes this time than previous episodes.

But it’s the story that has progressed. Now that it has progressed in the story line, the characters are starting to connect with one another and interact more. Specifically with Malikai, who goes from a mysterious guy in Russia to having an interesting backstory.

This gives J.T. Krul a chance to stretch his talent and shine. The dialog now isn’t just for the sake of dialog, but it gives depth and heart to the characters and story. The only major problem is that with the flashbacks and locations, this can get confusing at times.

Despite the disorienting jumps, I enjoyed Soulfire #4. It proved that there’s characters with substance, and there might be a great story just waiting to happen.

Andrew Hudson

A copy of this comic was provided by the publisher for review.



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