September 29, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Conan: Road of Kings #8

Conan: Road of Kings #8
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Mike Hawthorne (cover by Aleksi Briclot)

After last issue’s betrayal, Conan is left with his sword and a little girl to protect. As if finding your way through dark catacombs isn’t bad enough, Conan has to watch the back of a child as well as his own. Conan and the girl make their way to an area that resembles a burial chamber. All of the burial spaces are empty, though. Conan wonders, if they were buried here, then where are the remains. No bones, no bodies, not even dust, only jewelry is left. While he ponders this mystery for a moment, he hears something moving inside one of the spaces. What he sees is a giant centipede that tries to bite his head off! He actually slays the beast after a quick struggle, and then declares his toughness to the world…the little girl isn’t feeling very safe yet, though, because she sees an army of insects heading right for them! Conan even pauses and cries out to Crom as he looks as if he’s about to give up against these flesh eating beasts. Help comes in a way that Conan doesn’t see coming, but he is glad for the help in such a battle. The situation can’t seem to get any worse, but just as you have that thought, it somehow does.

I’d like to think that anybody that hasn’t read a Conan book has a good reason. Let me just say that if you’re used to reading spy novels that are the thickness of War & Peace, don’t waste your time, but if you love action filled books that keep a reader with a good lighthearted story and artwork that is perfect for this kind of sword swinging action, then pick up this great series by Roy Thomas and Mike Hawthorne! Conan looks absolutely tough as nails the way Hawthorne draws him when he’s chopping something up! I’m glad that this series is continuing, because without it I couldn’t get my quota of muscles and mayhem anywhere else! New cover artist Aleksi Briclot did a fine job on the cover, as well as with the double axe wielding barbarian and the zombies. Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Mike Hawthorne

    Thanks for the kind words, Billy! Glad you dig the series so much 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Billy

    @MH- Dude, I love me some action packed, women swooning stories! Thanks for stopping by!

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