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September 24, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Executive Assistant: Lotus #3

Executive Assistant: Lotus #3
Publisher: Aspen
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Oliver Nome
Cover: Oliver Nome

Everything comes crashing down in an exciting and furious conclusion as Virat executes his plan of revenge against his Executive Assistant. Unfortunately for him, he’s been targeted for assassination by Duncan Villone, and he’s pissed off the only person who would have protected him. Well, that is if you don’t count the ten other Executive Assistants surrounding him in the abandoned training facility waiting to kill Lotus at his command. The question is: Will they be enough to stop an Executive Assistant scorned?

With only three issues, Hernandez has made EA: Lotus the brightest spot in The Hit List Agenda. Not saying that the other titles have not been fun, but this one is by far my favorite of them all. From the very beginning of her story, Hernandez gave her a rather unique intro into the Executive Assistant world. With that back story he brings it all full circle here, and it seems as if her employer has been planning this from the very beginning. Like the first issue, this one is full of action but with a great balance of dialog that finishes up one tale while continuing another. He also continues to show the humanity of Lotus as she realizes that the Executive Assistants she’s up against really aren’t ready to take on someone like her, and gives Virat a chance to call them off. There’s also the brief exchange right before the fight starts that shows how their relationship is a bit different when you compare it to that of the other employer/EA partnerships. Understand that I don’t mean it in the sense that they’re “together,” but that her devotion to him comes from a place of honor and respect, whereas with others it’s just service.


Nome and Lopez maintain visual awesomeness until the very end with this series! The opening scene was perfect, and as usual they handle the action throughout the issue superbly. There are a series of brutal and bloody panels that have some of the best fight choreography I’ve seen in a while. Two of the standout ones would have to be the bullet in the eye, and a shot of Lotus kicking the teeth out of an attacker’s mouth. It’s ugly, graphic, and just beautiful like a fight scene should be. The various Executive Assistants each had a unique look that kind of made you regret that most were there to end up as fodder for Lotus. Especially the quadruplets that seemed to be a bit more formidable than the rest. Though when you get down to it, everything about the look of the title grabs your attention just the way great art should.

Executive Assistant: Lotus is the standout series in The Hit List Agenda, and I thought that would be hard to do in just three issues. It was pulled off by just giving you the essentials of the story without filler or a bunch of gratuitous crap to fill the pages.The creative team gives you eye candy, but more importantly a great story that leaves you wanting more when it’s all over. We’ll have to wait for future issues of EA: Iris to find out what all of these women have to do with the event, but if Lotus will be there, then you better be, too!

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