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September 10, 2009

Fenix: A Week In Review

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Howdy all! I am sure you can figure this one out on your own, so let’s make with the action and dive into my pull list and see what is a-shaking in comic book land! Normally I will be looking at just a week of comics, but as this is the first ever in a long line of reviews I am going to go back a bit and cover the last couple of weeks as well! It should go with out saying that spoilers lay ahead!

Batman_and_Robin_3Batman and Robin # 3

Last time out we saw the holes in the working relationship between Batman and his new Robin. This time we see what can only be seen as a possible shift in that relationship. Up to this point Robin thinks that he can go it alone and that he doesn’t need Batman (annoying isn’t he). We also saw him take on what seemed to be more than he could handle on his own as he was captured and smacked down (did any one else have a Jason Todd/Joker flashback?) by Pyg’s band of disfigured misfits. Fast forward to the now and we have a Robin recovering from unconsciousness tied to a chair in Pyg’s work room. Drill in one hand, crazy saw contraption in the other, Pyg does a little song and dance (honest he sings and dances like some homage to Reservoir Dogs gone insane) and sets about preparations to turn Robin into one of his twisted creations. Only problem is that Pyg has made the classic villain mistake and dragged it out. Robin easily frees himself and precedes to open a can of medieval on Pyg and his cohorts.

While this is taking place Commissioner Gordon is having second thoughts about Batman, as the Dark Night is tearing down the streets of Gotham threatening to drag off Pyg’s henchmen down the pavement if he does not make with the bosses location. Did I mention it was from the back of a killer new Batman themed four wheeler? It seems Batman does have all the wonderful toys as first we get treated to a new Bat Mobile now a sweet Batman ATV! While it was thought that Pyg was bent on blowing Gotham sky high, his real plan is more sinister. He plans on spreading disease through Gotham in the form of an aerosol narcotic which can spread like the flu (insert your own swine flu joke here I am not going to do it for you), and of course the antidote can be had for a price. The Pyg seems to be nothing more than an extremely twisted and insane drug peddler, but looks can be deceiving. There is too much potential for sheer insanity with this new villain and readers are sure to see more of him in the future.

In classic hero fashion Batman shows up just in time to save Robin from suffering what would be an epic beating from Pyg, by smashing into Pyg with the ATV I mentioned earlier. Falling deeper into mental instability, Batman and Robin finish him off with a well timed duel kick to the face. Robin, realizing that Batman, the man he believes he can do without, just saved his bacon. Something that Batman lets sink in rather than point out (how un-Bruce like of Dick). Despite this Robin still thinks they should be referred to from now on as Robin and Batman. Lost in this is one of Pyg’s victims, a young woman named Sasha who looked to Robin to save her. Disfigured like Pyg’s other victims, she attempts to kill Pyg for what he did to her and her father, the Pyg’s original target. As the Pyg’s hideout burns to the ground, the survivors are taken off to the hospital as Batman and Robin ponder the domino found in the Pyg’s work area. It has been thought that the Pyg was behind the use of dominoes to mark villains for extermination. This leaves a new wrinkle to be worked out, but not for long. This stellar issue ends with the appearance of the Red Hood and his recruitment of Sasha as his partner in ridding Gotham of its crime community one slaying at a time. Now there is only one major question to ask: Who is the Red Hood this time around? Is Jason Todd back again or are we seeing the return of the one and only Joker?

Morrison is crafting an excellent beginning for the new dynamic duo, and while I am still not sure what to make of Quitely’s artwork I find it growing on me. It adds a certain brutality to the action sequences, especially when they are built around an extremely violent Robin.

21_dark_avengers_8Dark Avengers #8: Utopia

Not to be cheesy, but man I love it when a plan comes together. Honestly, a really well worked out plan that is executed smartly makes for great story telling. It honestly does. As Dark Reign takes hold of the Marvel U Norman and his Dark Avengers have been up to no good, and the sales pitch is living up to all it’s promised: Utopia is where the Marvel U starts to fight back. Center stage is Dan Fan – Scott Summers and his X-Men have been busy, and Scott is proving to be one crafty little mutant. You can like him or you can hate him, it does not matter, you have to give the man his props. Like a grand chess wizard he is thinking not a move or two ahead of Norman, but several all the way to the end game. Like any truly great tactician he has provided Norman with more than enough rope to hang himself with, and to make it even better he has brought a camera crew. In part five of Utopia you see almost nothing of the actual Dark Avengers as the story is focused on both teams of X-Men, both Dark and Scott’s merry band are thorns in the side of all things Osborn.

While Norman is hogging the spot light Scott has had his players working hard in the waters off of Alcatraz, and he has been scouting the enemy. Readers here are given a glimpse at just how brilliant old one-eye has become as a major kink in Norman’s plans yanks the advantage out of his hands: Emma and Namor were faking it. Feel free to let that roll around your brain bucket for a second. Emma, who seemed to turn traitor on her own kind, and Namor (who I must admit has been extra arrogant) have been working with Cyclops from the inside to help bring down Osborn and show the world the true face of its savior. Just wait, it gets even better. In the process you get to see Emma just own Daken (even if it is a sneak attack from behind) by smashing him face first into the ground, knocking him out. Equally entertaining is Namor bouncing Mimic’s face off a wall. Brought happily into the fold are Cloak and Dagger who were struggling with their part in Norman’s X-Men (especially the bit about torturing the prisoners).

As the prisoners are freed the Dark X-Men are beaten into submission, leaving Dark Beast bleeding from multiple stab wounds from Wolverine and Warpath, and the final stage is finally set. With but a single order from Cyclops and the flip of a switch, Alcatraz rises from the waters of Frisco Bay as the engines his science team installed roar to life. Then for all the world to see Cyclops addresses the media and lays it all out on the line. Mutants have been pushed and pushed and they will be pushed no more. They want peace, and what happens next is clearly on the shoulders of Osbourn and his Avengers. This time though it will all unfold with the world watching on their TVs.

Someone give Matt Fraction an award or a raise or his own robot love slave or something! This is excellent storytelling. Plain and simple, a great set up for the final chapter in Utopia and some great plot twists that have me doing a happy dance. Like many other readers I was less than happy at Emma’s seeming betrayal of her own kind. This makes up for it, even more so because she has pulled a fast one on Norman. So Norman, how is that whole Cabal thing working out for you now?

76_MS__MARVEL_44Ms. Marvel #44

If you have read my article over in Geeking Out From the Long Box, then you know that things are heating up for Marvel’s favorite blond bomb shell. I left off with a question: Who in the hell is Catherine Donovan and why does she look like Carol Danvers? Now if you have been reading Ms. Marvel like good little comic book kids then you might raise an eye brow at that name. Hands are waving in the air and you are shouting me me pick me I know the answer. If the name sounds familiar it is because that is the cover name given to Faorl so that she can get around in Norman’s world. Here is where it starts to get interesting. While in California Ms. Marvel went toe to toe with Moonstone and there was no clear winner. They both gave as good as they got and if not for the Sentry stepping in, then one of them would have ended up dead, or at least dented. At the end of issue 43 we see Ms. Marvel unconscious at the feet of Norman’s pregnant girl friend, who was able to take her out with a pumpkin bomb. Yes a pumpkin bomb. Don’t scratch your head too long here as for once you get answers before the end of the book. It seems that when Carol blew up (remember that it was one of those oh crap moments) and then pulled herself back together not everything went to plan. If you have not read issue 44 then I suggest you leave now as I am bout to spoil it big time. You have been warned! Run off now or you are going to find out that Catherine and Carol need to sit down and have a chat.

Now Moonstone may be crazy, but she is able to figure this out faster than Norman, and let me tell you that this has to rub him the wrong way. The last time we saw Ms. Marvel she was knocked out at the feet of a pregnant lady who beat her down with a pumpkin bomb. Feel free to read that part again because I wrote that and it did not make any sense to me either. Moonstone tossed a bus at her and it didn’t stop her. They beat each other all over L.A. and the only thing that broke up the fight was the Sentry. So how is it that a barefoot pregnant lady with only a pumpkin bomb takes out Ms. Marvel? Norman chooses to ignore this question and is all to happy to just slap her in chains while she is passed out. All seems to be going to plan for Norman and Moonstone – Ms. Marvel is strapped into a power dampening chair in Avengers Tower and the problem is solved. She is drugged up big time and waiting for transport to a containment facility. Then things go wrong, and when I say things go wrong I am talking big time wrong. The funny thing is that now that Catherine has landed in NYC, Ms. Marvel is getting all kinds of amped up. So amped up that the power draining chair, which in Norman’s own words Sentry and Ares working together should not be able to damage, gets trashed by a ticked off Ms. Marvel. It seems we have a reverse Hancock going on here as the closer Carol and Catherine are the stronger Carol gets. Catherine is clueless to all this and walks into Avengers Tower looking for answers, only to be chased from the building and captured by the Dark Avengers who unwittingly bring her back to the tower. Having her in the same building only amps Carol’s power to unseen levels and she sets about breaking a lot of Norman’s stuff with a lot of pent up anger. Having figured out the connection between Carol’s power increase and Catherine’s proximity, Moonstone is given the order to kill Catherine and to do it fast. You have to love the cliffhanger at the end as a rather pissed Moonstone is getting ready to donkey punch a confused and helpless Catherine out of existence. Do I need to tell you that you should be reading this book? Great story telling and beautiful art work mixed with enough twists and turns to make waiting for the nest issue torture! War of the Marvels is turning into one of my favorite gems of the summer!

New_Avengers_56New Avengers #56

Wow. I have been with New Avengers since the start and let me tell you. WOW! Is it me or does it just keep getting better every time out? Picking right up where issue 55 left off we see the only Avenger standing is Mockingbird, and a Luke Cage that seems to be having a stroke. The rest of the team is nothing more than a wreck of super humanity splayed about the wreckage that is Time Square. Bendis is in top form here as we get an excellent inner dialogue from an out-matched Mockingbird that is witty, and a reminder of what a great character she is and can be with a great writer behind her. There is no need for screaming that there is no way she can take the Wrecking Crew because she is basically thinking the same thing. These are the Avengers though and even without their powers they are still going to fight back. They get their arses handed to them as a hat, but it is the effort that counts.

Just when it looks like the Wrecking Crew is going to eat the de-powered Avengers for lunch, from the sky with a mighty boom comes the Sentry who lasts for a whole page until the power damper that has fallen into the hands of the Marvel underworld, and more specifically into the hands of  Dr. Jonas Harrow, takes him out.  The cavalry is hot on his heals though, and the Dark Avengers soon show up to put an end to the destruction and take every one into custody. At least that is what they think is going to happen. As soon as they arrive, Harrow uses defense satellites to hack into the Iron Patriot armor and has a little one on one chat with old Normy. How can he do this you say?! Well first you have to remember the power damper they “found” was designed and built by one Tony Stark. Harrow reverse engineered the damper, and one can only assume used what he learned from it and his already considerable intellect and skills as a hacker to put two and two together, and sneaking into Norman’s iron super undies was something Harrow could do over a cup o’ joe (I made a funny). Here is where things start to go very, very bad for Norman. Harrow fills in Norman that Parker Robbins if now off the board, and the deal he had with Robbins now needs to be reworked or Harrow will take everything away from Norman. Norman is not happy with this at all. He, like every one else, wants to know where Robbins is.  Fade out to Cuba and we see Robbins and Loki entering a church where a corpse is holding a strange box in a death grip. What is in the box my curious friends? Why nothing but the Stones of Norn – Asgardian magic rocks from the land of the gods that Loki has brought Robbins to claim ownership of. Where this is all leading, only time will tell.

Snap back to Time Square and Norman is starting to get not only fed up, but his mouth gets the better of him as he insults Harrow and the Wrecking Crew. To this end, Harrow gives Norman a little show of power and lets him see first hand what he just turned down, as first the Dark Avengers collapse to the ground powerless, then Norman’s armor shuts down on him. Leaving him and his team at the feet of not only the Wrecking Crew, but all of the other members of Robbins former network of crime that have come out of the woodwork.

When things go wrong they seem to go super freaking holy crap wrong. I for one am giddy and dancing a jig as all the plans that Norman has worked so hard to set in place, all the power he has gained, is slowly being yanked away from him. The Marvel Universe is fighting back and Norman is in for a world of hurt! Bendis in my eyes can do no wrong right now, and is just making New Avengers one of those books you not only should be reading, but have to be reading. Plenty of action, great narration and the use of humor is spot on. No wonder I always read this one first when it comes out.

1251166552_cvrNew Mutants # 4

Smashing heads with Legion is no fun time at Disney Land. Sam and his team are up against it and they are in way over their heads. Making matters worse is that Sam and Danni are not seeing eye to eye. He wants her out of the way so that he does not have to worry about protecting her, and she wants to shoot him in the face for thinking she is helpless and needs protection. While Illyana (Magik) fights to free Xi’an (Karma) from inside Legion’s head, Sam and the others are busy trying to stop him without getting their friends killed that are trapped in Legion’s brain bucket. While they are trying to just stop Legion, the personalities in his head are out to slaughter the New Mutants and get their hands on Dani and extract revenge on her. Basically having their way with Sam’s team, Legion starts taking the team apart; but they are buying Illyana enough time to do what she needs to do, as she is able to free Karma’s physic self as well as David Haller (Legion) and Marci from the mental prisons they have been locked in by the hordes of beings in David’s head.

During this though all kinds of whoop arse are being directed at Sam and the others, who in the end are saved by the one person that Sam tried to take out of the fight. With utter defeat looming, Dani’s last minute interference (she smashes Legion with a car, I wonder how many points that is on her license) buys Illyana the time she needs to help David regain control and end the fight. Wouldn’t you know it, now that everything is all said and done, Cyclops and his X-Men show up to hand out medical assistance and clean up the mess. In the closing moments of the book Sam and Cyclops share a moment where old one-eye lets Sam know that bringing your team home alive is all a leader can hope for, and that winning and losing does not matter as long as he can do that.

All in all this first story arc shows that big things are in store for these old friends, and that while they have grown up they still have some of the same insecurities they did as kids.  Sam is still growing as a leader and now has to make the choices that could haunt him for the rest of his life.  What I like here is that nothing is being rushed. Sam is not instantly a great field leader and strategist. Yes he has learned from some of the best, but he now has to learn to put that to use and is going to be getting a lot of on the job training. So far the first four issues have been solid and I can only keep my fingers crossed that things stay this way. Not only that, but we are in for major excitement as issue 5 returns another former New Mutant to the book. I am not telling who but you can always check out the last page. Just saying.

Teen_Titans_74Teen Titans # 74

He may not get a lot of page time, but this one is all about Eddie Bloomberg (Kid Devil) and the true meaning of what it takes to be not only a Teen Titan, but to be a hero. Things are going bad for the Teen Titans. This new team is getting one hell of a test as they go head to head with the new Fearsome Five. Having rescued Wonder Girl and leveled the odds just a bit, the five start playing dirty to tip the scales back in their favor. Splitting the Titans focus between protecting and saving the innocent, and taking down the five. While this street fight plays on the main stage, behind the scenes an old enemy is playing a game of revenge. Behind all of this is the Calculator who has a score or two to settle with most of the Teen Titans. He set in motion the jail break which started all this, has set up one of the inmates as a human nuke, and plans to take out the Teen Titans any way he can. Standing in the way of this is Eddie, who is sitting on the side lines. He may be powerless, but he still has the heart of a hero and he is not going to stand by and let his friends and his city get turned into a giant microwave from hell. Yet Eddie ‘s actions are not totally his own as he is tricked by Calculator into going to Alcatraz to help the local law enforcement officers. Once there he is shoved out of the way by a less than helpful federal agent who wants nothing to do with Eddie or his teammates.

Eddie takes it upon himself to sneak into the prison, find the nuclear threat and stop it if he can. Finding instead of a bomb a prisoner who is about to go nuclear, Eddie doesn’t flinch, doesn’t waver. He takes the nuclear man by the arm, gets him out of the prison and into his transport plane, and gets the hell out of dodge. While the rest of his team has been beating the five into submission, they soon realize what Eddie is doing (thanks to Beetle’s armor and Martian’s mental scans). Too late to stop him, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl and Miss Martian helplessly chase Eddie into the wild blue only to witness his final moments as his passenger goes boom. Eddie Bloomberg, the powerless Teen Titan, makes the greatest sacrifice, and with his final words proves that he is and will always be a Teen Titan. Over come with anger, Wonder Girl streaks back to earth and goes about turning Mamoth into her personal punching bag. The team is shaken but they are not down. Blue Beetle is becoming the hero he is destined to be, and delivers a moving speech about his deceased friend. Wonder Girl, on the verge of giving up, is pulled back from the edge and is determined as ever to earn back the trust of the city, and to prove that Eddie Bloomberg did not die for nothing. They are the Teen Titans, and it is a privilege not a right for a teen hero to be one. Titans Together.

Ravenger: Second Story

A nice bonus to the Teen Titans is the Ravenger bonus story. Lots of action and lots of Rose trying to prove to herself that she may have her father ‘s qualities, but she is her own person and she is nothing like her father. Ambushed by the local yokels at a cabin in the wilderness, she hands out the beatings and stabbings with great ease. Something fishy is going on and she is going to get at the bottom of it. Not even being chased by men on snow mobiles is going to stop her, and you can shoot that RPG at her all you want….ok so they did just shoot that RPG at her as she raced her confiscated snow mobile out over the ice. She may be sinking down into the frozen depths, but this is Ravenger we are talking about and  getting turned into a frozen treat is not going to stop her.

batman_cv690Batman #690

Clayface and Lyle Blanco are trying to kill Batman. Batman is not happy about this and these two card carrying nut balls are putting a lot of fire power in his direction. Too bad they forgot who they decided to shoot at, as Dick is in no mood for this; and while he thinks he has the situation in hand, the opening dialogue about being complacent and cocky proves to be oh so true as he has underestimated these two.

The scene shifts to Two Face interviewing teleporters for a job he has planned.  He is looking for someone that can teleport him to where an object was made.  Two of the three tell him they can’t and are dismissed, and get a cap busted in their arses off screen. What is the object in question teleporter three has to find the place of origin for? One of Batman’s Batarangs.

Needing to even the odds, Batman calls for a little back up as Alfred takes control of the Batmobile via remote and takes on Clayface, leaving Batman free to deal with Blanco. He soon finds out that he is dealing with a super charged killing machine, as Blanco shrugs off blows that should cripple him, and the stun darts to the face do nothing to him. Having seen enough, Batman hog ties Blanco, taking him out of the fight only to find out that he and Clayface are not working alone, as someone remote detonates a nearby building roof to allow the two to escape. The person pulling the strings is quickly shown to be the Black Mask, who had arranged for all this to happen to throw the Batman off the Penguin’s trail. Sending another message to the Penguin as to who he now works for, the Mask has Penguin’s security team slaughtered before his eyes by his loyal followers to prove a point.

Now for the real fun. As the events on the roof unfold, Alfred alerts Batman to an intruder in the Batcave. Rushing in to investigate, Batman again is reminded that being cocky, complacent and careless will get him killed, as he fails to do a proper sweep of the cave, and relied to much on his scanners to show him if anyone was there. Two Face, now clad in his own Batman uniform, gets the drop on him with a tranq gun, and with out missing a beat puts Batman on the spot wanting to know who the hell he is and where the hell is the real Batman. Cliff hanger any one?

What I like here is that you are seeing that Dick still has some learning to do. He did not want the mantle of the Bat and took it up because he knew that Gotham needed Batman. I would be disappointed if he did not have some growing pains. Other than that the story is serviceable and the art falls under the same category. I am looking forward though to seeing Dick go head to head with Two Face, so let’s get shaking and make with issue 691 already!

blackestnight-batman_cv1Blackest Night: Batman # 1

Just when you think things can not get any more complicated for Batman and Robin Blackest Night lands right on their doorstep. They thought that the desecration of Bruce’s grave and the taking of his skull was bad enough. They have no idea how bad things are going to get as their loved ones are rising from the grave, Black Lanterns all. Soon Dick and Tim (who has been called into action by Dick) will be face to face with their dead parents. Nightmares are turning true, and even Deadman is powerless to stop his own corpse from rising and joining the Black Lanterns. None the less he does try, and by joining with his body he gets a glimpse of the horrors that are about to be unleashed on the universe. Knowing that he cannot stop this evil on his own, he searches out Batman in the hopes of finding the help he needs to confront this evil. Leaping into Batman’s body he is shocked to find that Dick is now Batman and that Bruce is dead. Not knowing what is going on, Robin starts raining punches on Batman forcing him to drive the Batmobile off the road. Deciding that the situation would go better if he changed bodies, Deadman leaps into Robin and fills Batman in on what he has found out.

Not missing a beat from the other Blackest Night books, while short on the real action, the stage is being set for one heck of a second issue. How are Dick and Tim going to fight against their parents, and how is Daimian, who according to Deadman has a lot of issues, going to deal with the dead rising from the grave and trying to take his head off? He may say that he is not afraid of anything, but I believe that we are about to find out. Is it possible that he is in fact afraid that his father is going to return to them as a member of the Black Lanterns?

DC is doing a freaking bang up job with Blackest Night and I have yet to be disappointed by any of the titles that are crossing over into this story line. This is easily as good or better than either of the two current monthly Batman books, and Syaf’s art is solid and brings that certain something to the story. Right now the only thing better than the action is the $2.99 cover price!

BlackestNight_Titans_1Blackest Night: Titans # 1

I have a soft spot for Beast Boy. He always seems to be getting his heart ripped out and his feelings stomped on.  As Blackest Night lands in the Titan’s laps we find them at Titans Tower on hero’s day. Hawk and Dove are bickering as Hawk thinks that she is far superior to her predecessor, and that he died a villain and should not have a statue in Titans Tower. Starfire is thinking the same thing about Terra and rubbing Beast Boy the wrong way about it. On this day of remembrance old wounds are running deep and hearts are being worn on their sleeves.

The story here is split at this point between Hawk and Dove and the members of the Titans. Not knowing that a ton of hurt is headed their way, the Titans are about to be confronted by their fallen comrades. Hawk and Dove are lead into a trap by the resurrected Hank, and Black Lantern Hawk has one thing on his mind:  kill them all and let someone else sort it out. Which is what he goes about doing, handing out a world class beating to Hawk and Dove as the book ends with him ramming his hand into Hawk’s chest as a helpless Dove looks on.

Beast Boy, already miserable, is about to have his hopes raised and his heart broken again in a matter of minutes as Terra appears before him. Not knowing that a resurrected Lilith is using her powers to make Terra appear as she did before she died, Garth, overcome with emotion at seeing his lost love returned to him, embraces her. Seeing that someone has approached Beast Boy from his monitors, Cyborg and Starfire arrive to investigate and disrupt Lilith, breaking her illusion and revealing Terra’s true form to Beast Boy.  Not missing a beat, Terra reminds Beast Boy that he has already given her his heart; she is just here to collect it.

WOW! I can not say that enough. I am not even going to lie or pretend I did not read this one twice just for the sheer love of it. When Blackest Night started I knew Terra would be back and that Beast Boy would be in her sights, but wow. I cannot wait to see the world of hurt that is coming for the Titans.

cable18Cable # 18

Everyone loves a good space story, right?! With the guns blazing and the fancy ships and Bishop trying to nuke you because he is in-freaking-sane. Ok maybe we can skip the last part, but the rest is still cool. So we find that Cable and Hope made it onto a colony ship, and that shortly there after Cable is tossed in the brig.  Which is where we find him when everything starts going nutty. Bishop is still chasing them, and this time he has a nuke stored in his robotic arm so that he can end this once and for all.

Tagging along with Bishop is Emil, the boy Hope had befriended before Cable tossed her over his shoulder and made for the departing space ship. He is convinced that Bishop is out to save Hope from Cable (mostly because that is what Bishop told him) and is over joyed when running into her on the ship, but he doesn’t let Bishop know he has found her. Hope makes it clear rather quickly that Bishop has only one thing on his mind, and that is killing her (a point that she makes while holding Emil in a head lock with a knife to his neck). Upset at learning this, when the two do run into Bishop, Emil rams home said knife right through Bishops hand.

Just as things seem to be at their worst, everyone on the ship is frozen in place, even Cable who has managed to get himself free of his cell and is racing to find Hope. The only thing that can make the day any worse than having a nut ball like Bishop trying to set off the nuke in his arm, is the Brood showing up to try and steal Hope and claim her as theirs.

Over all it was a rather fast paced read and worth the $2.99 cover price.

Exiles #6: The Series conclision

1251860693_cvrSo here we are.  ]A double-sized issue marking the short lived run of Exiles. I am not sure what to feel about this as I liked the first couple of issues, and was looking forward to what I hoped was a good run for this book. Poor sales though shot this one in the face and ended it before it even got a chance to go anywhere. At least the writers have a sense of humor, and right off the bat use Morph to do a little rant about the book being canned.

For a double-sized issue they start off with the team going back and fixing the mess they made of their first mission. Having taken Magneto off the board, they still needed to find a way to break up the mutant alliance, and to do so they play down and dirty, turning Emma against Jean Grey.  The Witch replaces her counterpart on that planet and lets Jean know that Scott and Emma have a thing going on between them in the astral plane.  Furious at this, Jean catches them red handed and the two ladies start a brawl that destroys the peace and pits mutant against mutant. This, as it turns out, ends up being a good thing, as mutants spread back out into the world and avoid getting nuked to death by the humans they are at war with. Sometimes it just takes a cat fight to heal the world!

Brought back from that mission, we learn after a bit of clowning around that the Blink on this team is the Blink from the original team of Exiles. This is revealed to us after Forge and Polaris have a meeting of the minds, and come up with a way to tamper with the tallus and get it to take them to the source of its power.

Now as this book was canned due to poor sales, I am not going to give anything more away. If you want to find out the rest of the details go out and pick up issue 6 for yourself. You are getting a good deal here as it is a double-sized issue for only $3.99. Even better is that the way the book leaves off, they have left the door open for a possible return down the road for either this current team of Exiles or an altogether new one. I still say shame on all of you who did not read this.

Jason Fenix



  1. InfiniteSpeech

    I was pretty impressed with the first arc of Batman and Robin and Qietly’s artwork had to grown on me too…it’s something about the way draws faces…extrememly round in some cases but he’s gonna be gone for the next 2 arcs so we’ll see what comes next

  2. I loved Batman and Batman & Robin. I think DC is handling Bruce’s absence pretty well so far. Reading about New Mutants and Exiles makes me want to add more Marvel titles to my pull list.

  3. Jason

    You can not go wrong with New Mutants! Great artwork and some solid story telling so far. It will be interesting to see who else from the original team shows up! Hmmm maybe they are planning an original X-Force reunion….

  4. billy

    Blackest Night sounds pretty good. Maybe I’ll buy a DC book….before the next millenium.

  5. Kelly

    Poor Beast Boy; he just keeps getting screwed.

    And Exiles should have run a lot longer than it did. There was a lot of potential there, but I am glad they left it wide open for future series.

  6. The Movie Lady

    Haha! Love the Reservoir Dogs comment. And AMAZING article by the way.

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