September 22, 2011

Zenescope Reviews: Brimstone #4

Brimstone #4
Publisher: Zenescope
Writers: Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Artist: Hyunsang Michael Cho (cover by Anthony Spay)

As we saw in the last issue, the outlaws decided against the better judgment of the only surviving member of the town, to infiltrate the cave where the zombies dwell. This of course turned out to be a big mistake, for as the men were trying to set explosives, they were ambushed from underneath the shallow waters by the “fleshwalkers.” The team scatters like a bunch of scared rabbits when the zombies appear. Gunfire and panic are everywhere at this point, and the only thing that saves them is Viper’s quick thinking. The team frantically runs to the exit, but Viper is still inside. This is the perfect opportunity for a double-cross that’s been brewing from the moment these criminals were brought together. Luckily, Viper gets thrown from the cave when the blast goes off. Someone is not so lucky, though, as a certain person has emerged from the cave with a bite mark on his wrist. This is going to be a problem, and so is the fact that a hand is seen crawling from the blast site at the cave!

Zenescope has a really cool book right here with Brimstone. Yeah, there are a million zombie books out there, but most of them that I’ve seen have crappy art and no real substance to them. This book on the other hand has a great story brewing with tons of action, and Cho is doing a solid job with his representation of these “fleshwalkers,”or zombies if you will. They look really creepy in the cave scene when they are attacking the outlaws, and just wildly coming at them from all angles. There was one scene in particular that was awesome, where Viper uses an axe on one of them! I hope this series keeps the fast pace going until the last issue (#6, I believe), because it’s been quite a thrill ride so far!

RatingĀ  3.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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