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September 9, 2011

Bento Bako Bonus: September 2011 Previews Highlights

Welcome to another edition of my Diamond Previews manga highlights. It’s September 2011, and there’s a good batch of goodies to be found this month. Now, this is a bit later than I usually post. I attended Anime Fest this past weekend, which caused a delay in getting this monthly post put together, but I hope you still check it out even though it’s a couple days later than usual. For newcomers, I comb through Previews each month and pick out what I think are the most interesting titles that you can pre-order, and include my personal pull list, and some miscellaneous items like DVDs or figures. So sit back, relax, and let me do the work for you! These are the September 2011 Manga Previews Highlights. All quoted product descriptions are from Previews unless noted otherwise.

Kris’s Pull List:

Mass Effect: Invasion #2, by various. “Space station Omega is under attack by bizarre creatures from the center of the galaxy! Aria T’Loak, pirate queen of Omega, leads the charge against the grotesque invaders, but when the true threat behind them is revealed, Aria is forced to regroup and form a new strategy – or risk losing everything!” November 16, 2011, $3.50, from Dark Horse Comics.

Bride of the Water God volume 10, by Mi-Kyung Yun. “Trapped in a luxurious castle on the moon, Soah’s still separated from her husband, Habaek, who’s dealing with his own troubles in the Emperor’s fortress on Earth. Cursed to live in the body of a child during the day – when his elemental powers are weaker – Habaek is also being manipulated by the Emperor of the gods, who wishes to use Habaek’s powers over water to turn the tide in an escalating civil war! The ghost of Habaek’s former human bride, his deceptive mother, and a host of bickering, elemental gods are also in the mix, complicating Soah’s efforts to be reunited with the one she loves.” January 18, 2012, $9.99, from Dark Horse Comics.

Magdalena #11, by Ron Marz, various artists. “The hunt for a piece of the One True Cross leads Patience and Kristof to the US, where Patience is reunited with an old friend – Sara Pezzini! Together will the Artifact bearers be able to recover the relic from Patience’s newest adversary?” November 9, 2011, $3.99, from Image Comics.

Samurai’s Blood #6, by Owen Wiseman, various artists. “It all comes down to this moment… Three teenagers, the last survivors of a brutal betrayal on their clan, face an army with only the support of the Edo Ghost. All willing to die to enact their revenge. It looks like it may come to that.” November 9, 2011, $2.99, from Image Comics.

Tales of the Abyss: Asch the Bloody volume 2, by Hana Saitou. “In the sub-basement of the world, Asch uses a fon slot to allow Luke’s consciousness to join his while Asch searches for clues to what Van is planning! The final volume of the side-story that focuses on fan-favorite character, Asch the Bloody!” December 13, 2011, $11.99, from Bandai Entertainment.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #19, by Chuck Dixon, with art by Andie Tong. “The Wheel of Time continues to turn! Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas flee across open ground with fewer and fewer places to hide while trying to stay ahead from the increasing numbers of murderous ravens hot on their trail. The race is on to reach the safety of the stedding before sunset in the next chapter of Robert Jordan’s fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World!” November 2011, $3.99, from Dynamite Entertainment.

Finder 5: Truth in the Viewfinder, by Ayano Yamane. From Amazon: “When Fei Long agrees to a deal to trade Takaba back to Asami, things begin to look up. But is it really true? Or is something else going to prevent Takaba from being reunited with the one he has been waiting for? When the Russian mafia takes advantage of the situation and force their way into the negotiations upon Fei Long”s casino ship, it looks like all bets are off. But is Takaba going to allow things to end so easily this time and be a victim once more? It”s the exciting conclusion of the Naked Truth arc, available in English now for the very first time!” December 2011, $13.95, from Digital Manga Publishing.

Black Sun volume 2, by Uki Ogasawara. From Amazon: “As the former Crusader commander Lord Francis and the king continue their manipulations of both Leonard and General Jan, it is quite apparent that they intend to drive the two lovers apart. But why is that? Is Leonard really just a plaything for General Jan as the spoils of war? Or will General Jan continue to defy convention and risk everything by disobeying his king in order to claim the heart and body of the knight he conquered in battle?” December 6, 2011, $15.95, from Digital Manga Publishing.

No Longer Human volume 2, by Osamu Dazai, with art by Usamaru Furuya. “Furuya’s adaptation of No Longer Human takes place nearly seventy years after Dazai’s original. Set in modern day Tokyo, Dazai’s tale details the life of a young man originally from a well-off family from Japan’s far north. Yozo Oba is a troubled soul incapable of revealing his true self to others. The comic is narrated by the artist, Furuya himself, making appearances at the start of each volume. n many ways, it could be said that Furuya has traveled a path that may be similar to Dazai’s. Maybe that is what led these two together after 100 years.” November 22, 2011, $10.95, from Vertical Inc.

Kamisama Kiss volume 6, by Julietta Suzuki. “Every yea, kami from all over Japan gather in Izumo for a sort of divine convention. One of Mikage’s friends comes to the shrine to invite Nanami to the retreat, but it turns out most of the other kami and Tomoe don’t want her to go. Can Nanami prove she’s kami enough to attend…or does she even want to bother?” December 6, 2011, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Ouran High School Host Club volume 17, by Bisco Hatori. “The heads of the powerful Suoh Corporation are behind the Host Club’s indefinite suspension and the plan for Haruhi to be shipped off abroad. Now the Host Club must pull out all the stops to save the club and their beloved leader Tamaki from his family’s infighting.” December 6, 2011, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Grand Guignol Orchestra volume 5, by Kaori Yuki. [Final volume] “Everything is finally in place for Lucille to face down the horrifying Queen Gemsilica. But unbeknownst to him, Eles switched the powerful Black Oratorio for Lucille’s own blank hymnal. How can Lucille keep the queen from destroying the world with nothing but his voice to back him?” December 6, 2011, $9.99, from Viz Media.

Maoh: Juvenile Remix volume 8, by Megumi Osuga, with art by Kotaro Isaka. [Spoiler alert. I just had volume 7 ruined for me; hooray.] “Still trying to recover from the shock of his brother’s death, Junya decides to follow in Ando’s footsteps. First on the agenda is revenge for the ones who caused his brother’s death. Can Junya succeed where Ando failed….?” December 13, 2011, $9.99, from Viz Media.

House of Five Leaves volume 5, by Natsume Ono. “As Yaichi’s pursuers draw closer, Yagi also steps up his investigation into the man and his past. Masa, who’s caught between them, becomes privy to secrets about Yaichi unknown even to the original members of the Five Leaves. Matters grow even more complicated when Masa’s younger brother becomes increasingly entangled in his difficulties back home. Slowly but steadily, the pressure on the Five Leaves mounts.” December 13, 2011, $12.99, from Viz Media.

Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys volume 18, by Naoki Urasawa. “Far, far from Tokyo, a man approaches the checkpoint at the Northern Border… Everyone north of the gate is dead, but here he comes on a motorbike with a guitar strapped to his back. Who is this man who calls himself Joe Yabuki, and why does he break out in song? Is he a Messiah here to save the people, or is he just a deluded nut?” December 13, 2011, $12.99, from Viz Media.

Also From Digital Manga Publishing:

Storm Flowers, by Runa Konjiki. “Sagano and Hazime Itirou face off at school and in their private lives, where traditions such as flower arranging and tea ceremony carry heavy responsibilities. With the weight of these things and the accompanying dark emotions, love can only come in a storm…but is it a love that can survive?” November 23, 2011, $12.95.

From Kodansha Comics:

@ Full Moon volume 1, by Sanami Matoh. “On the night of the full moon, Marlo, a half-werewolf, half-vampire undergoes a mysterious and terrifying transformation: he turns into a girl. His parents call on Doctor Vincent, but Marlo wants to keep his condition secret from Vincent’s son, the vampire playboy David, Unfortunately, the secret gets out, and David becomes interested in Marlo’s female form! If a remedy can’t be found, their parents believe the next best solution is marriage – a marriage between Marlo and David! The sequel to the series Until the Full Moon!” $10.99.

Codename Sailor V volume 2, by Naoko Takeuchi. “Like Sailor Moon, Minako Aino is a normal 13-year-old schoolgirl until a fateful day when a white cat introduces himself to her and tells her she has the power to transform into the hero, Sailor V. Using a magic pen to transform, Sailor V fights the evil agents of the Dark Agency as she strives to protect the earth.” November 15, 2011, $10.99.

Sailor Moon volume 2, by Naoko Takeuchi. “Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon, Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice, in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts), and together, they fight the forces of evil!” November 15, 2011, $10.99.

Shugo Chara Chan volume 1, by Peach-Pit. “Amu’s guardians get their own book in this new Shugo Chara series! These hilarious stories are in the vertical 4-koma (4-panel) comic strip format.” November 22, 2011, $10.99.

From Seven Seas Entertainment:

Blood Alone volume 5, by Masayuki Takano. “The ‘London Waltz’ story arc comes to a stirring conclusion as Kuroe awakens at the foot of the stairs in Misaki’s mansion, his wounds miraculously healed. But Kuroe discovers that Misaki is already in the grasp of the evil vampire Caledwich. With his own life on the line, and more importantly, Misaki’s, Kuroe must face Caledwich in a battle from which only one of them will walk away.” December 6, 2011, $11.99.

From Udon Entertainment:

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes: Official Complete Works. “In Sengoku Basara, mighty samurai warlords and their armies battle all across feudal Japan, each hoping to enact their own personal vision for the future of the land. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes: Official Complete Works collects the unique artwork behind the last game in this landmark Capcom series. Included in this collection are character designs, rough sketches, promotional art, and an exclusive interview with the creators behind Sengoku Basara.” December 13, 2011, $39.99.

Also From Vertical Inc.:

Tezuka’s Black Jack volume 17, by Osamu Tezuka. [Generic copy.] November 15, 2011, $16.95.

Also From Viz Media:

Dawn of the Arcana volume 1, by Rei Toma. “Princess Nakaba of Senan is forced to marry Prince Caesar of the enemy country Belquat, tantamount to becoming a hostage. While Caesar is pleasing to the eye, he is also selfish and possessive, telling Nakaba outright: ‘You are my property.’ With only her attendant Loki at her side, Nakaba must find a way to cope with her hostile surrounding, her face marriage…and a mysterious power!” December 6, 2011, $9.99.

Natsume’s Book of Friends volume 10, by Yuki Midorikawa. “One of Natsume’s elementary school classmates is in town, but the unexpected reunion is for a dark purpose. Shibata knows Natsume’s secret, and threatens to expose it if Natsume doesn’t do what he says!” December 6, 2011, $9.99.

Blue Exorcist volume 5, by Kazue Kato. “In the late Edo Period, a demon known as the Impure King killed thousands of people. After defeating the demons, the Knight of the True Cross kept its left eye safely sealed away on Academy grounds – but now someone has stolen it! Hearing the thief has taken a child hostage, Yukio and Rin go to help. The investigation and pursuit will lead Rin and his friends to Kyoto and involve them even deeper in a sinister plot! But will his friends’ knowledge that Rin is the son of Satan drive a wedge between them?” December 6, 2011, $9.99.

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 6, by Hiroshi Shiibashi. “Yokai rumble! Rikuo leads his Night Parade of a Hundred Demons in a street fight against the 88 Demons of Shikoku. But Rikuo doesn’t know that the maniacal leader of the 88 Demons, Tamazuki, is wielding a secret weapon: the Devil’s Blade, a legendary sword that absorbs the energy of the demons is slays. When the sun rises, the Paranormal Patrol visits a girl who’s being haunted by a Jyami, a ghost drawn to a person who’s a target for resentment.” December 6, 2011, $9.99.

Fullmetal Alchemist volume 27, by Hiromu Arakawa. [Final volume] “With the help of Hohenheim and their allies, the Elric brothers launch a desperate final attack against the homunculus ‘father.’ But to claim victory, some may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. And when the dust clears, will a happy ending await our favorite characters in the final volume of Fullmetal Alchemist?” December 20, 2011, $9.99.

Dorohedoro volume 5, by Q Hayashida. “Everyone is looking for that special someone… Convinced that Risu is the key to his past (and his head), Caiman heads to the Sorcerers’ dimension on his own. While he’s tracking down Risu, he finds the Sorcerers getting ready for ‘Blue Night,’ a festival where Sorcerers find their partners. Meanwhile, Risu is looking for his old partner Aikawa to see what he might know about the people who killed him.” December 20, 2011, $12.99.

From Yen Press:

High School of the Dead color omnibus, by Daisuke Sato, with art by Shouji Sato. “This fully re-mastered, four-color hardcover edition collects the first four volumes of the original series in one deluxe collector’s omnibus! A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School. In a matter of hours, the campuses is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies! Can a handful of survivors hope to make it out alive when the whole school – maybe the whole town – is out for their blood?” November 22, 2011, $49.99.

The Innocent, by Avi Arad, with art by Junichi Fujisaku and Ya Sung Ko. “From Avi Arad, executive producer of the Spider-Man and X-Men movies, comes an original manga about redemption and revenge! Wrongly executed for crimes he didn’t commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life. To earn that chance though the man now known as Ash must use the supernatural abilities with which he has been infused to prevent the deaths of our other innocents but is Ash willing to dedicate himself to helping others, or is his thirst for vengeance against those who destroyed his life and his loved ones too powerful to ignore?” November 2011, $11.99.

Nabari no Ou volume 8, by Yuhki Kamatani. “With four of the forbidden art scrolls of the Nabari world now int he hands of the Grey Wolves, Banten’s Tobari, the holder of the last remaining scroll, Engetsurin, must make a game-changing decision. Elsewhere, Yoite’s condition goes from bad to worse even under the watchful eyes of both Miharu and the Grey Wolves, and the very sense that tie him to the world of the living disappear with alarming speed. In the face of his friend’s decline, Yukimi takes it upon himself to go against the orders of his superior, setting out in search of a time when Yoite was truly alive.” November 22, 2011, $11.99.

The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya, by Nagaru Tanigawa. “Five short stories reveal the never-before-seen events from the SOS Brigade’s past exploits, from the much anticipated school cultural festival to the unanswered questions from the ski trip getaway. The last story which brings the SOS Brigade back to the present, rounds out this collection of entertaining, hilarious, and always unpredictable misadventures.” November 7, 2011, $8.99.


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Leather Card Case, from Square Enix. These leather card cases feature either Cloud’s Cloudy Wolf or Sephiroth’s one-winged angel emblem imprinted on the front, with the associated character’s name stamped onto the back. They’re quite nice looking, but according to the ad, each pocket (one on each side) can only hold up to two cards, which isn’t much. These are available this October, for $24.99 each.

Tales of the Abyss part 1 DVD, from Bandai. “On the planet Audlant, war is imminent between the Kingdom of Kimlasca and the Malkuth Empire. Their conflict had been prophesied in the Scores, a complete history of this world from its creation to its destruction. It also predicts the appearance of a new savior-hero, who is a red-haired male child with the name of ‘the Light of the Sacred Flame.’ Luke fon Fabre, a son of a noble family, feels impatient and defiant like any teenage boy. When Tear, a beautiful young lady, intrudes into his training session and attacks General Van, the spoiled boy is spirited away and forced into a series of great adventures through this alternate-reality world of swords and sorcery. The limited edition includes volume 1 of the Tales of the Abyss: Asch the Bloody manga.” Limited edition, $34.98, standard, $29.98.

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: The Complete Series DVD, from FUNimation. “In the aftermath of the great earthquake, one ruthless corporation stands ready to take over the devastated city of Tokyo with an army of synthetic monsters. Only a single band of female vigilantes opposes the monolithic power of Genorm – but in this case, four women are all it takes! Armed with the most incredible combat suits ever designed, the Knight Sabers wage a desperate war in the shadows, combating the monstrous by-products of technology run amuck with courage, sweat and blood! Breakneck action combines with state of the art animation and a hard-driving rock soundtrack in the series that redefined the cutting edge and proved ‘Cyberpunk’s Not Dead.’ Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 contains the entire twenty-six episode series.” November 2011, $49.98.

Well, that’s it for this month. Hope you found something good to order! I know there’s plenty I’m looking forward to.




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