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September 5, 2011

Image Reviews: Morning Glories #12

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Written by: Jeff
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Morning Glories #12
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma
Release Date: September 7, 2011

The mystery train continues to build major steam as we head into the twelfth issue and first year of Morning Glories. First, we are introduced to a new intriguing character in the form of Lara Hodge, the school guidance counselor. Unlike all the other horrific teachers at the academy, Lara seems to be on the student’s side, having no fear for the evil Ms. Daramount, and having possibly some kind of close relationship with her. Just like everything in this book, she is shrouded in mystery, from the man she kisses at the beginning of the issue, to the long trip she takes to get to the school.

But when she blows in, we find that unlike most of the faculty, she is quite beloved. It turns out that she has not been around since Casey and the new recruits have arrived, so Lara gets a chance to interview all of them, which reveals tiny bits as well as tossing in even more questions.

The character of Lara Hodge is actually quite needed, in my opinion. The kids need an ally in this crazy story, and having Lara in the mix makes for some great tension between not only the kids, who aren’t trusting her at all, but also the faculty who seem to be unstoppable at this moment.

However, as great as the momentum of the mystery is, we have yet to get any big reveals as to what is truly going on in this story. I certainly don’t want the entire mystery to be unraveled, but Spencer needs to reveal something big soon, or I’m afraid there may be some riots somewhere. My biggest fear with this book is that fans will demand more reveals or drop the book, which could lead to its cancellation. Not sure if that will happen with such a high profile Image book, but it sure would be a shame to not get an ending at some point.

Joe Eisma continues to please on the art. He displays only what he’s supposed to display, and his clean style has become a signature on this book. Also, Rodin Esquejo’s covers continue to please and make me yearn for him on interiors of any book. He is a fantastic talent.

If you don’t like long-reveal-type mysteries, then Morning Glories won’t be for you, but if you like layered and complex stories, then this issue will continue to tickle your fancy.

Jeff Jackson



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