September 1, 2011

Image Comics Reviews: The Vault #2

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Written by: Billy
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The Vault #2
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Sam Sarkar
Artist: Garrie Gastonny

Sometimes I feel like a #1 issue throws out “A” material to hook me in, then goes down hill from there. In issue #2 of  The Vault, there is no such let down…not even close. We rejoin the treasure seekers from last issue, and they have found not only gold and jewels, but something else. Something sinister that is in a sealed chest of sorts, and after hours of looking at the scan, they are still baffled. A vote is taken, and the decision is made to open it. What happens afterwards, well, let’s just say they wish they hadn’t. It’s like one of those times you said something in the heat of the moment, and you wish like heck you could take it back, but you can’t. Except this isn’t a word, but some God-awful creature that was apparently put in that chest and sealed up years ago, to keep the abomination inside away from everything else. Also, it seems as if certain members of this party had knowledge of what may have been there ahead of time, but still haven’t spoken up about it. What they know, or how to stop this beast, is still a mystery, because it’s quite evident that high-calibre rounds from a machine gun cannot.

All I can say is wow! This issue surpassed the last, and I didn’t think that was possible. You really get a sense of dread when they decide to open this chest. You know it’s one of those moments that are going to be regretted to the point of mumbling to yourself, “don’t open it.” There is a part where a few black horses are getting upset by either the storm, or the beast, that look just eerie. Sam Sarkar and Garrie Gastonny are giving us something very genuine and very scary with this book, and it’s an event I personally haven’t seen the likes of in a long time. I’m going to be disappointed to see this end next issue, though. I really think this should be a four or five issue mini-series. I don’t want the thrill ride to stop. Rating 5/5

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Decapitated Dan

    Such a great read! Can not wait until #3!

  2. Billy

    @DD- It was fantastic! The comic world needs more books like this!

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