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September 3, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Executive Assistant: Lotus #2

Executive Assistant: Lotus #2
Publisher: Aspen
Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Oliver Nome
Cover: Oliver Nome

All of the action from the first issue takes a back seat here as Hernandez touches on the fallout from Mr. Ching’s death and what it means for Lotus’s employer. Who also seems to have an agenda of his own after he’s seen by Lotus talking with a couple of shady individuals. Which is saying a lot, considering the type of work Lotus does. So when he has to leave and requests that she stay behind, Lotus does a bit of her own investigating. Though, even she isn’t ready for the surprise she finds at the end of the issue.

It’s only the second issue and Lotus is by far the most interesting of all of the newly introduced assassins in this event. Most in part due to how she became an Executive Assistant to her employer and her oath to him. Hernandez takes the time to flesh out her story and relies on developing her character more than flashy fight scenes to keep us entertained, while the story itself is full of double dealings and twists that keep you from guessing entirely what’s going to happen next. Hernandez even has a  flashback sequence with the Cloverdale’s that ties a few things together, as well as sparks more questions about his (Daniel Cloverdale’s) death. There’s also a bit of real world conflict that’s mixed into this tale that adds another level to the overall story as well.

Nome and Lopez make what is essentially a very dialog driven chapter a visual good time. There aren’t any huge fight scenes or death defying acrobatics, but these guys keep the mood and move the story very well from panel to panel. Especially when Lotus enters the weapons room and goes off in search of her employer, Virat. Everything from that page on just looks awesome, from the detailed backgrounds to that last double page reveal.

Lotus is my favorite of the assassins that have been introduced to us during this event. Her backstory in the first issue set her apart from the rest, and Hernandez has continued to keep her from becoming stale. She’s even cooler than a certain sai wielding assassin who occasionally dates that blind guy. Yep, I said it! So, of all of the books in the Hit List Agenda, I highly recommend this title as a definite and must read!

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