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August 15, 2011

Manga Moveable Feast: Fumi Yoshinaga August 2011

Welcome manga fans! This is the anchor page for the Fumi Yoshinaga August 2011 Manga Moveable Feast. All links from around the web throughout the week will be gathered right here! So please check back for updates throughout the week.

The Manga Moveable Feast is a monthly book club of sorts for the manga blogging community (or whoever wants to participate!). We all vote on the topic, series, or creator for the given month, and then someone volunteers to be the host site. This month, of course, we’re doing Fumi Yoshinaga, and I am hosting here at ComicAttack.net. For more information on the MMF or to  join the MMF mailing list, please visit the Google Groups page.

Monday: Foodie Yoshinaga

Tuesday: The Many Faces of Fumi Yoshinaga

Wednesday: Gerard & Jacques

Thursday: Yoshinaga and Boys’ Love

Friday: My Favorite Yoshinaga Characters

Saturday: The Women of Ōoku Part 1

Sunday: The Women of Ōoku Part 2

Monday: That’s a Wrap

Collected Reviews:

Reviews by Title:

Not Love But Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy!

Ichigenme…The First Class is Civil Law

Ōoku The Inner Chambers

Flower of Life

All My Darling Daughters

Don’t Say Anymore, Darling

Miscellaneous Essays:

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