July 20, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews: Flashpoint Edition pt 7

Booster Gold #46
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Ig Guara, and Ruy Jose
Cover Artists: Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund
Publisher: DC Comics

Okay! As we were left with last issue, Doomsday is no longer under General Adam’s control. He kicks the snot out of Booster and heads for Metropolis, searching for a Superman that doesn’t exist. There is all kinds of destruction in his path. Booster’s lady friend from last issue, Alexandra, catches up to him and reveals that she has a Rogue-like power. She can absorb the powers and abilities of those she touches. Meanwhile, the military blames all the destruction on Booster Gold. They don’t believe Doomsday is capable of doing anything but standing in place when they aren’t in control of him. Booster gets the psi-helmet thingy back on Doomsday, but the favor isn’t returned. Doomsday whoops him and lifts him off the ground, palming Booster’s head like Shaq palms a basketball. The art suffered a little bit in this one, as Norm Rapmund didn’t do any of the pencils this time with Jurgens. Ig Guara shared those duties. 3.5/5 – AW

Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket #1
Writer: Mike Carlin
Artist: Rags Morales

I’m [not] going to go out on a limb and assume most people skipped this one. Well, you didn’t miss much. Unless the Canterbury Cricket ends up playing a crucial role in the war against Wonder Woman and her Amazonians, this one-shot has no reason to exist. Basically, we see Etrigan and a handful of other characters nobody cares about fighting some (male?) Amazonian grunts. They are getting owned when the Canterbury Cricket cuts loose with his ear piercing chirp to fell the blood thirsty warriors. Exhilarating! Then we are treated to a wonderful campfire scene where the Cricket tells his origin, then gets upset that nobody else is able to share their story before the group gets ambushed by more [seemingly male] Amazonians. Someone dies, and then the Cricket runs off a-chirpin’. Apparently Lois Lane is going to be leading this cadre of resistance fighters in her mini-series, but if her story, which started out strong, turns out like this issue, I may end up rooting for the bad guys. Rags Morales’s artwork was solid, but the story was weak sauce. That’s not to blame Mike Carlin, either. DC may as well have asked him to write a one-shot about a talking raccoon with an alien tree for a best friend or something. Would it be safe to say that when most people saw this one-shot amongst the list of Flashpoint tie-ins, they let out a “wtf?” Yeah. Save your $2.99 and pick up Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2. 2/5 – AL

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2
Writer: Scott Kolins
Artist: Scott Kolins
Publisher: DC Comics

The stakes for Citizen Cold have definitely amped up! In a fast paced, action packed issue, The Rogues have aligned to take revenge on Citizen Cold. With Fallout, Tarpit, and Weather Wizard free from prison, they team with Mirror Master and Trixter to take out Citizen Cold. While The Rogues are plotting revenge, Citizen Cold is having an interview with Iris West. Cold isn’t really interested in the interview as much as he is interested in getting a date with Iris. The fate of Wally West is revealed while Pied Piper and Cold have a quick meeting, and you even get to see what is going on with Chunk. Scott Kolins has changed his art as of late, and for the better. His new take on old characters looks great, while they keep the same charm they always had. He definitely knows how to write these characters as well, having been around them for so long. The little twists and turns that this title has taken are probably the most captivating parts of it. During Flashpoint, everyone wants to see what is going on with all of the characters. Kolins, understanding the Flash-verse very well, takes a great perspective on all of the characters. Mirror Master stuck in the mirror verse, Cold being a most brutal anti-hero, Piper and Wally being best friends. These are just a few of the details Kolins managed to touch on. Seeing the motivations of The Rogues was also really well done. A decent issue, with much more action than the first. 3/5 – MP

Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of The Ravager #2
Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Joe Bennett & Tony Shasteen

Ravager is one of my top five DC characters, so when I saw the title of this mini, not to mention who was writing, it instantly became a must read Flashpoint tie-in on my pull. Unfortunately, we’re now two issues in out of three and Ravager hasn’t really shown up yet. Characters have talked about her (a lot), but she has yet to actually do anything. Which is a total bummer. Even so, Jimmy Palmiotti writes an entertaining pirate themed story, and as mentioned in my review of #1, Deathstroke is a perfect fit for this genre. He makes Slade likable without losing his edge. This issue is loaded with action too, as Aquaman and his troops lay waste to Slade’s crew. The way Clayface meets his end was particularly nasty, but I was really bothered that Icicle, the lamest character in DC due to his being a blatant Iceman ripoff, survived the battle. Bennett and Shasteen deliver on artistic duties, capturing character expressions and combat sequences with ease. I’m really looking forward to the final showdown between Slade and Warlord. Slade had better kick his ass, with Rose showing up sometime before then. Despite my fanboy criticism of Ravager’s absence and Icicle’s prominence, this is a solid tie-in series, worthy of being read by all who are enjoying Flashpoint. 3.5/5 – AL

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2
Tony Bedard
Vicente Cifuentes

This mini-series is decent, but goes overboard with the dramatics and narrative exposition. There was enough of that in #1, so for #2 to emulate the same formula hinders this issue and the flow of the mini. It feels like wading through a ball-pit packed with obnoxious kids. The experience should be a good one, but something is preventing it from being so…. It’s definitely not the artwork. Vicente Cifuentes provides clean-lined images, and pulls the reader in beginning with the first page. The only thing out of place was Hawkgirl’s costume. At the end of Lois Lane and the Resistance #1, Hawkgirl is seen in Amazonian regalia. Yet here, she’s in her regular costume. As are Huntress and Cheetah…strange additions to the hired Amazonian ranks, and theoretically easy pickings for Aquaman. Except maybe Hawkgirl. Despite the heavy exposition, Bedard’s dialogue works and isn’t overdone. Unfortunately, the origin of Flashpoint Aquaman is, and it’s holding this book back. I want to read more about what’s going on in Aquaman’s head now, not years ago. There’s no time to go that in-depth with a three issue mini-series when half the book is flashback stories. 3/5 – AL

Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #2
Jeff Lemire
Ibraim Roberson & Alex Massacci

Leave it to Jeff Lemire to take a group of generally unknown monsters and create one of the top Flashpoint tie-ins on the shelves. This book is damn good, but unfortunately, it seems like most people aren’t reading it. Take a leap of faith and give it a shot today when you visit your LCS. Lemire has found chemistry with this motley crew, and unexpectedly pulls off emotional scenes with great success, whereas other tie-ins are failing in that department. The scenes with Nina the fish girl and her father conveyed the desired emotions, and when one of Frank’s crew gets dropped, I actually felt bad. The antagonist is interesting too, due to her family history with Frankenstein and his crew. Her impetus for becoming a monster hunter is understandable, nearly making her actions in this story excusable, but her blind prejudice against all monsters-good or bad- is her failing trait. The dichotomy to this is the character Velcoro, who was previously a blood thirsty monster, now reformed. The artist change halfway through the issue didn’t bother me too much, although Roberson’s work is much stronger than Massacci’s. Pete Pantazis’ palette really compliments both artists. The reveal on the last page was a little weird, but given the nature of this title, I can run with it. Hopefully what we’re getting in this mini will spill over to the Frankenstein, Agent of Shade series kicking off in the DCnU later this year. 4/5 – AL

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Aron White
Andy Liegl



  1. My opinion about the Aquaman books is that DC knows how everyone feels about him and is doing this to make him “cool”. I noticed in the first issue it was wayyyy too dramatic and it read like they were just rying too hard. They just need to accept the fact that Aquaman sucks and move on.

  2. Aron

    So, basically, read Frankenstein and use the rest to line the cat box?

  3. similar to some Fear Itself titles then? 🙂

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