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July 3, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Executive Assistant Iris Vol 2 #1

Executive Assistant: Iris Vol 2 #1
Publisher: Aspen
Writer: David Wohl
Artist: Eduardo Francisco
Cover: Joe Benitez

A new Executive Assistant gets the spotlight here, as we get to see Acteia in action while protecting her boss Diane Coverdale. Coverdale’s life has taken a very harsh turn after her husband’s death, which led to his company’s board hoping she would take the large payout and leave. She chose to stay and narrowly avoided an attempt on her own life in Executive Assistant: Iris Vol 2 #0, which led to her seeking out protection. Now she’s feeling a bit more at ease, until another attempt is made forcing her Executive Assistant into action. Diane doesn’t know why these attempts are being made on her life and naturally wants answers, but it seems as if those may have to wait because Iris makes an unexpected appearance.

Wohl provides a bit more info on Diane Coverdale than what was revealed to us in Executive Assistant: Iris Vol 2 #0. We also get to see the difference in the relationship between her and Acteia when compared to Mr. Ching and Iris’s. Being that this is the beginning of an event, expect plenty of expo to flesh out a few things. However, we are given a few surprise moments that keeps this from being a long boring issue. When it comes to the artwork we’re treated to some very nice looking panels, though I’m not as psyched about Francisco’s work in this issue as I was in the first volume. He may be trying something new here and that’s cool, because it does give the story a totally different feel. He still makes the action scenes fluid and believable as the fights look like something out of a martial arts film.

The Hit List Agenda is starting off quite interesting as David Wohl seems to be laying the ground work for what I’m hoping will be a bloody and intense battle between some of the Executive Assistants. However, there are plenty of questions out there: Is Iris a free agent? If not, then who is she working for? I’m sure all of this will be answered as The Hit List Agenda progresses, but in the meantime you should snatch this issue up when it hits the shelves! Oh, and if you have yet to grab Executive Assitant: Iris Vol 1, then you need to see what all the praise is about and pick that up as well!

Infinite Speech

Advance review copy provided by Aspen



  1. Billy

    Nice review dude! I read #0 and thought it was ok (freebie on Comixology).

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