June 28, 2011

Zenescope Reviews: The Dream Eater Saga parts 3 & 4

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #6
The Dream Eater Saga part 3

Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Alfred Trujillo (cover by Mahmud Asrar & Sanju Nivangune)

After last issue’s events, we go back in time a bit, and see a confrontation between Baba Yaga and the Dream Eater. He lays waste to her two guardians, then goes right after her. She wildly jumps at him, and they both fall down a steep mountain. She then pulls a mystic stone of some sort out, and unleashes a huge fire-breathing dragon on him. He doesn’t seem impressed, and also remarks how he’s seen it before. Baba then leaps through a portal to escape. We next see Samantha at the flower shop tending to her daily chores. She hears the door swing open, and a woman enters. It’s Baba Yaga, and she’s come to try and kill Samantha and steal her powers. Samantha fights back, but it seems as though Baba is getting the better of the mystical exchanges. All of a sudden, the door swings open and the Dream Eater enters. The two mystical women try their best, but the Dream Eater is walking right through their best shots. Quickly, Samantha opens a portal to the Inner Sanctum of the Nexus. As the two collaborate, Baba informs Samantha that there might be one weapon that can defeat the Dream Eater, but it’s from not only another dimension, but another time as well. She knows only one person that can get them there, and we see her summon the Piper to the Nexus. He isn’t very excited to see Baba, and is actually shaking in her presence.

Wonderland (one-shot)
The Dream Eater Saga part 4
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Novo Malgapo & Marco Cosentino (cover by Keu Cha)

Normally, a cheshire cat is something kind of cute and mischievous…normally, but this is Wonderland, and here, the Cheshire Cat is a beast that tears people limb from limb! In this issue, we see the Cat escape from the pit that Callie tossed him and his friend, Lina, into (Tales From Wonderland vol. 2). He immediately follows Callie’s daughter, Violet, to school, and has bad intentions. As the day’s classes begin, the Cat smashes through the window and begins to rip people apart left and right. The kids try to escape, but he’s also magically sealed the doors, so no meal will get away. He begins to hunt down Violet, and eventually finds her and a friend hiding in the bathroom. Violet manages to call her mother, and she speeds back to the school. After cutting her friend in half, he drags Violet outside so when her mother gets there, she’ll see his handy work before he kills her, too. Well, needless to say as he is about to kill Violet, the Dream Eater shows up, and things begin to get really wild!

Here Kitty, Kitty…

Alright, listen up everybody. If you are not reading this, you’re a dope. Raven Gregory is doing a fantastic job with this story, and the fact that it’s spanning four different universes makes it so awesome. I mean, I’m sure it’s no picnic to write it, but nevertheless, he’s doing a great job. Showing the Dream Eater popping in and out of each book really gives you a sense of how powerful he really is. The fact that he has taken the appearance of an old man is a brilliant contrast. The artwork as usual is very eye catching. I liked Wonderland better than Grimm M&L, but the latter was good, too. The colors really pop off the pages in these books as well as the preceding ones. Both of these great books are on sale now, so pick them up and get in on the action!

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Billy Dunleavy



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