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June 29, 2011

Image Comics Reviews: 50 Girls 50 #2

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Written by: AHudson
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50 Girls 50 #2
Writers: Doug Murray and Frank Cho
Artist: Axel Medellin
Cover: Frank Cho

Well, it’s time for another serving of 50 Girls 50. The first issue was good old fun with a healthy homage to the silver age Lost in Space kind of sci-fi. And 50 Girls 50 #2 doesn’t lose any steam, keeping the ball rolling once more.

It’s the same team as the first issue and thank heavens for that, since they seem to work so well together. I enjoy Doug Murray and Frank Cho’s writing and plotting. I remember stating that before.

Fortunately, the female cast here is more than just an excuse for Axel Medellin and Frank Cho to practice drawing curves. It’s too early in the story to reach a decision about who the characters are or how much I like them, but fortunately, none of them are written as stupid, or worse, bitching and complaining the whole damn time. And if they don’t get stretched thin with having to write fifty girls in one series, I might really enjoy these characters and their development.

Not only does the same hold true with this issue, but even more so, now that we’ve gotten to know the cast more. Even though it’s only focusing on a few (since it’s such a huge cast), each one has a unique and interesting personality.

The plot is also well put together. Fun sci-fi and nothing more needed to be said. Also, after reading this, I couldn’t help thinking that this would make an awesome video game.

Axel Medellin can take all the kudos he can grab for doing the art once more. It’s easy for an amateur to hide behind curves, hips, and breasts. But when there isn’t any cloth disintegrating mud, bikini/thong shots, and shower scenes; when the characters are fully (and I mean fully) clothed, then the artist must deliver the talent. And Medellin certainly delivers, even making the dialog scenes visually interesting. Also, another display of his talent is the ability to draw a range of diverse characters (both hair, face, and ethnic wise).

Rounding up the team is the smooth yet defining coloring of Nikos Koutsis, and the straight, no-nonsense lettering of Thomas Mauer.

The only major complaint I have of 50 Girls 50 #2, is that it feels very disjointed from the first issue. The plot suddenly jumps to a very different location off the bat, making me feel disoriented and slightly confused with the link between the plots. Not to mention that the cliffhanger of the first issue was barely alluded to and only really evident at the end.

With that being said, 50 Girls 50 still hits yet another home run. If you liked the first issue, definitely continue on (and it’s not too late to jump in). And for any lady readers out there who are afraid of picking this up and finding nothing but eye candy, nothing to fear here. Again, it’s a solid, entertaining story. The only question is, do you like space operas, action, and a sliver of mystery?

Andrew Hudson


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