July 2, 2011

South Fellini Reviews: D.O.G.S. of Mars #3

D.O.G.S. of Mars #3
Publisher: South Fellini
Writers: Tony Trov, Johnny Zito, and Christian Weiser
Art: Paul Maybury
Covers: Rahzzah

D.O.G.S. of Mars #3 is out now from our friends at South Fellini. Written by the trio of  Tony Trov, Johnny Zito, and Christian Weiser, with art by Paul Maybury and covers by Rahzzah, you can find it out now on Comixology. The issue continues the tale of a crew on Mars being plauged by a murderous alien that seems to slowly be taking over the crew, turning them into blood thirsty monsters.

D.O.G.S. of  Mars is an intriguing series that is part sci-fi, part horror. The first thing I want to state is that the comic stands on its own in a very good way. I think some readers may write it off and compare it to such cinema flicks as Aliens, in which I could very well see the parallels; however, a much better comparison, if one needs to be made, would be to the 1970s horror comic Devilman by Go Nagai (although rare to see here in the States, you can find scanned copies with fan-translations online of Devilman), when considering the tone and off beat art style that fills these suspenseful and violent-filled pages, as well as the physically monstrous transformations. Paul Maybury’s art not only aptly conveys the dire situation the characters are in, but also, and successfully given the horror-vibe of the title, the lack of any sense of hope in this world. The strict mix of colors combined with the interesting artwork provide us a world of Mars none of us would really want to be on. Then combine that with people being splattered and blood flying, and it’s really a nightmare-esque scene unraveling on the pages. The covers by Rahzzah, are fantastic, and like the work they also did on Moon Girl, they are just gorgeous to stare at and draw us in. However, the cover art is so dynamically different from the interior art it may take the reader a second to switch gears, although this moment of “what the“-alienation factor it provides us with only increases the reader’s uncomfortable journey through this dark comic.

D.O.G.S. of Mars is out now and worth the read; check it out!

Drew McCabe



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