June 21, 2011

The Comics Dispatch Episode 11: Writer Rick Loverd

Welcome to Radio’s comic book news podcast, The Comics Dispatch! Every Tuesday join Andy, Daniel, and a special guest as they talk about the latest industry announcements and PR.

Our special guest is Rick Loverd, writer of Top Cow’s Berserker, as he talks about his love for Boston sports, and his new endeavors to bring real science to comic book films with The Science & Entertainment Exchange!

This week is an extra special show, involving two cool dudes from the Tales From the Water Cooler podcast…and lots of beer! The guys discuss the new X-titles coming out in the wake of Uncanny’s “cancellation,” the changes affecting some of the main stays in the DC Universe, Russel Crowe in the new Superman movie, the new Carnage series, some changes to Image’s Haunt, and a whole lot more!

The Comics Dispatch Episode 11

You can click the link to listen to the podcast or right click “save link as” to download it.

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Andy Liegl

Daniel Fabrizio



  1. Decapitated Dan

    Alright gents lets clear up some Supreme Power issues.

    1. This Supreme Power #1 Max follows the JMS stories from Max and the 7 issue regular line. It does not include the HORRIBLE Ult. Power story, the HORRIBLE 12 issue Maxi that introduced the “marvel” versions to their universe, the HORRIBLE Hyperion vs. Nighthawk mini. This comes 5 years after the JMS line.

    2. This is not the Hyperion who was in Thunderbolts. That Hyperion was the original one. The Hyperion that appeared only at the VERY end of this Supreme Power #1 is the one from the JMS line. You can mostly tell by costume and hair color what Hyperion it is.

    3. This new series needs to get the rest of the original cast back from the JMS story. Yeah Spectrum and Hyperion are two of the BIG 3, but I want to see everyone else since it’s been so many years.

    Oh and Andy… Cyclops has always been and will always be A DOUCHE

  2. Thanks for the Hyperion/SUPERIOR clarification DD. Even so, I could not get through the issue. I’m interested in the older stuff though.

    And Cyclops is the man. The f-ing man.

  3. It was cool having Speech and Aron on the show. Berserker and Rick Loverd are awesome.

    And Cyclops is awesome! If you don’t know, now you do.

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