June 21, 2011

Crisis of Infinite Reviews: Flashpoint Edition pt 3

Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1
Writer: JT Krul
Artists: Mikel Janin and Ulises Arreola
Cover Artists: Cliff Chiang and Jared Fletcher
Publisher: DC

As the story of Flashpoint continues to unfold, we get a glimpse of what is going on with the Grayons and Deadman. The four individuals are members of the Haley circus, which unfortunately is suffering due to the war. Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate) also happens to be a part of the circus, and he shares a vision with Deadman foreshadowing Dick Grayson’s death.
I have been relatively unimpressed by all things Flashpoint up until now. However, I thought that this book was great. While the book is a tie-in to the main plot, for the most part this issue was self-contained, which I thought was great. There isn’t a lot of action in this one, but the story itself is really well written. Krul does a great job of incorporating what we know about the real characters with these new altered versions. The art was gorgeous to look at throughout the book. The line work was nice, the coloring worked really well, and the figures looked fantastic. This is by far my favorite Flashpoint book, and that’s including the actual Flashpoint series. 4/5 – AP

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1
Writer: Adam Glass
Artists: Rodney Buchemi and Jose Marzan, Jr.
Cover Artists: Miguel Angel Sepulveda
Publisher: DC

Heatwave is a murderous pyromaniac that has taken out half of Team Firestorm in his quest to become one with the fire. Luckily, Cyborg steps in and Heatwave ends up captured and tossed into prison. The remainder of the issue is basically Heatwave proving he’s no one’s bitch while in prison, but after he’s sent to death row things do get a bit more interesting. He’s the only one who is confident that he won’t be an inmate for too much longer, and by the issue’s end we find out why. Two things stood out to me as great in this issue: seeing the classic LOD headquarters rise from the swamp, and the great surprise ending. Other than that, there just wasn’t a lot that held my interest here and too much didn’t make any sense. If you’re going to show Cyborg tossing up shields and encasing entire trains in them, then how come he didn’t save Jason with one? Everyone knows that without oxygen there’s no fire. I won’t even go into detail about the subway car sequence that made no sense and seemed thrown together. I’m hoping things pick up next issue considering how this one ended, but if not then I’m glad it’s only three issues long. 2.5/5 – IS

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artist: Scott Clark
Cover Artists: Ed Benes and Pete Pantazis
Publisher: DC

This book was excellent. In part 2 of our Flashpoint coverage, I mentioned that the Frankenstein issue was my top Flashpoint tie-in so far. Not anymore. Wonder Woman and the Furies had everything that makes up a great comic book: It answers questions, has gorgeous art, and is a well told story. Back in an early episode of our news podcast here at, The Comics Dispatch, I actually criticized this series upon learning that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning would be writing it. I felt their recent Marvel Cosmic work (Annihilators) had tapered off, and that they may be stretched too thin in taking on too many projects (seriously, they write everything). I love being wrong. They absolutely nailed this issue. Since Flashpoint began, readers have been wondering why the Atlanteans and Amazonians are caught in the midst of a bloody war. We find out here, and the reason is nasty, loaded with deceit and foul play. It was impressive how well Lanning and Abnett managed to tell this story in only 20 pages. They cram so much story and information in, but not at any point does it feel exposition heavy or rushed. I want more. Scott Clark’s artwork is the cherry on top, providing absolutely stunning visuals. From his beautiful characters, to the sprawling aerial shots and dark underwater scenes, his artwork is money. I would recommend this issue to anyone reading Flashpoint, as the story focuses on the backdrop to the series, and answers many lingering questions about this crazy world. 5/5 – AL

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Arnab Pradhan
Andy Liegl
Infinite Speech



  1. So BOTH of you got really cool books and I didn’t?? Next time I’m picking early!

  2. @Speech- haha that is so sad.

    @Arnab- I liked Deadman and the Flying Graysons too! It was the one tie-in book that I knew I was going to pick up, that being said…..

    @Andy- Wonder Woman and the Furies kicked so much ass! It has been the best Flashpoint tie-in by far! It was great on every level.

  3. @InfiniteSpeech- haha, looks that way.

    @Nick- Well, you and Andy have convinced me to check out this WW book. She normally bores me

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