June 14, 2011

Zenescope Presents: The Dream Eater Saga pt 0 -1

Zenescope Presents: The Dream Eater Saga

When I first heard that Raven Gregory was spearheading a company wide crossover, I was all over it. Now, keep in mind I’ve read one of his books (Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends #1), but it was so riveting, I wanted this no matter how much I didn’t know about this universe. In issue #0, Gregory slaps you right in the face with not only the beginning of a great story, but also a short synopsis of what’s been going on to get any reader up to speed. Basically, all four worlds of the Zenescope Universe are going to be involved (Neverland, Myst, Oz, and Wonderland). The main characters from each respective universe are featured as well, and it will begin with the #0 issue and then unfold in 12 subsequent parts. No tie-ins necessary here, folks; Zenescope is providing the entire story in a straight line of books. I’ll start out with issue #0 and then hit you with #1 immediately after that. It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride, so hang on!

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Dream Eater Saga #0
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Anthony Spay (alternate cover by Mike Debalfo)

All stories have a beginning, some in the here and now, some in the future, but this one starts in the past. The past of a young girl named Baba Yaga in the realm known as Myst. She has great power even as a youth, and her mother realizes this. One night, Baba sneaks out of her house and enters the great library where the elders have amassed thousands of books. A single book in particular catches her eye, but before she can read it, her mother intervenes, and takes her home. Just as her mother is tucking her in for the night, she’s startled by a horrific scream outside in the village. Baba’s mother knows why, and quickly tears a page from a book and gives it to her daughter. She hides the young girl with a spell, and then is abruptly murdered in front of the child by The Dark One. This is the moment that will shape Baba Yaga into the person she will be for the rest of her life, make no mistake about it! Rating 4/5

Grimm Fairytales: The Dream Eater Saga #1 (Once Upon a Time)
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Roberto Viacava (alternate cover by Sean Chen)

In this issue, we first see Thane and Blake, who are recovering from a beating at the hands of The Dark One. They realize that he has gone through the portal, and only one thing can stop him. Thane then goes to the Cave of Shadows to release an unspeakable horror. Next, the reader, along with the main players, witnesses the arrival of what appears to be a shooting star. Several key players (Samantha, the Piper, Pan) feel the immense power this “star” possesses. Well, it’s in fact not a star, but their worst nightmare, the Dream Eater. It is a beast that has only one mission – kill all the magical creatures, whether they are good or evil. He doesn’t differentiate, he just kills to protect Earth. His first contact with humans isn’t a very good one, as an old man has a heart attack right in front of him, because he’s buck naked. After figuring out he needs clothing to “fit in,” the Dream Eater then makes his way to a carnival, and his first victim. I won’t say who that is (as if you can’t figure it out), but rest assured that his victims die a gruesome death. The Piper, ready to kill three young girls, scurries away like a rat when he figures out that the Dream Eater is coming.  Rating 4/5

The Dream Eater has taken on the guise of a weak old man, which is something I feel lends tremendous weight to the story and character. He looks frail, but man does he deliver in the psycho killer department! Once again, Zenescope has me hypnotized with their artwork. I literally am glued to the pages (not just because of the voluptuous women), and can’t find any flaws. Raven Gregory really is bringing out the big guns for this event, and I for one am definitely in this for the long haul! Issues #0 and #1 are great reads, and issue #2 (pic below) just dropped on June 8th, so pick it up as well!

Billy Dunleavy



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