June 11, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: B.P.R.D. The Dead Remembered #3 (of 3)

B.P.R.D. The Dead Remembered #3
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Mike Mignola & Scott Allie
Artist: Karl Moline (cover by Jo Chen)

Make no mistake about it, this series isn’t about witches or witch hunts, it’s about Liz Sherman. Liz has been at the BPRD at this point for a couple of years, and hasn’t left the house. Hellboy talks Professor Broom into letting Liz tag along with him to help out Father Yafides with an exorcism. Liz needs medication to help control her powers, but feels inadequate and incompetent having to use them. She doesn’t really relate to the Professor at all, but after this issue, you come to realize it’s because Liz doesn’t want to, not that she can’t.

Over breakfast one morning, the Professor tells Liz that he knows she had sneaked out the night before. She gets very upset at the fact that he’s “watching her” and storms out. The Professor explains that she need not get angry with him, because he understands that her powers manifesting and being out of control is what’s really bothering her deep down. She wants to feel accepted, and be normal, and is finding it extremely difficult to keep her emotions in check. Later that day, the Professor returns to the house and begins an exorcism with Father Yafides. At this point, they haven’t yet realized that the spirit is in the woods surrounding the house, and not in the house per se. Liz and her new boyfriend realize this, though, and return to the woods to confront the spirit.

Anybody that wants to learn more about Liz Sherman or just get a classic Mignola story should definitely check out this mini-series. It has some great visuals, and a lot of that can be credited to the colorist, Dave Stewart. His choice of palette is great and makes the characters really stand out.

Billy Dunleavy



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