June 7, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 6/1/11

50 Girls 50 #1 (Image)
Andy: Axel Medellin does a great job imitating Cho’s curvaceous style, as Cho and Murray write a fun, entertaining script.

Amazing Spider-Man #663 (Marvel)
Aron: GREAT stories from cover to cover! SO glad Slott’s back. LOVED the ending to Dezago’s tale!
Infinite Speech: This issue had an old school Spidey feel to it which isn’t a bad thing as I’m really enjoying what Slott is doing with the character.
Jeff: Slott is starting to slip on Spider-Man. Seriously.

Astonishing X-Men #39 (Marvel)
Andy: It’s nice to see Armor’s character get some development, but I don’t like it when artists change halfway through a story.
Jeff: I love Armor’s giant armor form.
NickZ: X-Men on monster island!! Also, Cyclops hearts Jean.

The Boys #55 (Dynamite)
Andy: Some things get even better with time. The Boys is one of those things.

Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #7 (BOOM!)
Andy: I’m reading it to my daughter and it’s making me feel like a kid again. Just a fun, easy read.

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1 (Icon)
Andy: Loved it. This is looking like it’ll be my favorite Criminal story yet. If you like crime fiction, READ THIS ISSUE.

Darkness #91 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: The Darkness is looking to off Jackie and Butcher makes a welcome and timely comeback!

DC Universe Online Legends #9 (DC)
Andy: This book is way better than any of the other JLA titles right now. What does that tell you?

Fear Itself #3 (Marvel)
Andy: Everything is moving so fast it almost feels detached from everything else going on…I want to like it, but it feels artificial.
Arnab: Thor is coming to Earth! That last scene was very unexpected but plays out extremely well.
Infinite Speech: What the hell man?! Not him!! Oh, and Yancy Street gets it’s ass kicked too!
Jeff: I’m officially done with Fear Itself. Worst event ever.
NickZ: This issue was much better than the last one. Interesting death, if it really is a death.

Fear Itself The Deep #1 (Marvel)
NickZ: This mini is actually pretty good. I liked the surprise guest at the end.

Flashpoint #2 (DC)
Andy: Two issues in a row now this series has provided grand slams for last pages. Holy hell!
Arnab: Much better than the first. Thomas and Barry exchange blows before finally decided just to electrocute Barry.
Aron: THAT Batman is vicious and brutal. OUR Flash is a dumbass. (Poet. Didn’t know it.)
Infinite Speech: So Barry will now be known as “Flash: The Fastest Scab Alive!” in another solid issue that delivers!
NickZ: Holy crap I love this story!! Andy Kubert is amazing!!!!!! lol

Flashpoint Abin Sur: The Green Lantern #1 (DC)
Andy: It’s like a “What If?” Blackest Night. Hopefully it’ll be less convoluted.

Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance (DC)
Andy: This creative team is just so full of win. The best Flashpoint tie-in so far. Makes me even more pumped for the 100 Bullets HC’s!
Arnab: Boring. And explain to me how a world without Bruce Wayne has Hush?
Aron: This is a cool Batman. I like him.
NickZ: This Batman is definitely a bad ass, but I miss Bruce.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1 (DC)
Andy: Shade the Changing Man fans will dig this one…all three of you.
Aron: Weird.

Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #1 (DC)
Andy: Cool incorporation of a Vertigo character, and a countdown always adds tension to a story. Hopefully it’s relevant in the other books, too.

G.I. Joe vol. 2 #2 (IDW)
Andy: Finally, the Joes have gotten serious. I like this direction. Now lets kill off some insignificant characters.
Aron: Cobra is really takin’ it to the Joes! And when did Dial-Tone grow boobs? Is he pulling a Klinger?

Haunt #16 (Image)
Andy: Entities who provide more questions than answers can go to hell. And Haunt can send’em there.

Herc #4 (Marvel)
Andy: A good tie-in issue, but far from essential. If you’re not a Herc fan, it’s passable, but if you are, it’s a nice check-in point.

Heroes For Hire #8 (Marvel)
Andy: The best issue so far- the art was clean and tight, and the pace of the dialogue served the story. Not a fan of the tongue-and-cheek aspect, though.

Hulk #34 (Marvel)
Andy: Great art as Red Hulk kicks some alien ass. It’s essentially Planet Hulk but with Ross being the man. A perfect jumping on point.

iZombie #14 (Vertigo)
Aron: I wish y’all would quit sleeping on this title! It is in high-gear! Interesting reveal at the end! Also, Abe Lincoln is a zombie.

Jonah Hex #68 (DC)
Aron: The art in this one just about made it unreadable. I’m pissed off about that.

Moon Knight #2 (Marvel)
Andy: Echo is HOT! That is all.
Aron: I was about ready to throw this shit out the window. Then Echo showed up. Then I saw the cover for #3. It intrigued me. (Poet. Still don’t know it.)

Reed Gunther #1 (Image)
Andy: It was amusing, but I get my silly humor fix from Axe Cop.

S.H.I.E.L.D. vol. 2 #1 (Marvel)
Andy: Jonathan Hickman is smarter than everyone and Dustin Weaver is a comic book Da Vinci. Seriously.
Arnab: Michelangelo arrives and nothing will be the same again. Excellent return to the series by both Hickman and Weaver.

Shinku #1 (Image)
Andy: Sexy art and an even sexier story. Ron Marz is on fire right now.
Infinite Speech: Two great things that go great together: samurai & vampires. Thank you Marz and Moder for the bloodfest that’s about to begin!

Static Shock Special #1 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Both stories were a good tribute to Dwayne McDuffie followed by some nice looking tribute artwork. I do wonder if the 2nd story was a direct shot at DC. Hopefully it was.

Superboy #8 (DC)
Arnab: By far the best issue of the series. Art still sucks though.
Aron: A very macabre tale. OOOH, this is good!
NickZ: The Phantom Stranger is creepy and there was some real grossness here.

Sweet Tooth #22 (Vertigo)
Andy: Why do I get the feeling our good guys have taken in with the bad guy? I’m feeling unsettled…
Aron: Strange things are afoot at the Circle Tree.

Thunderbolts #158 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: If you don’t like this title then you must be Aron. Which is a synonym for crazy!

Uncanny X-Force #11 (Marvel)
Andy: Yes, YES, YES!!! Remender has my mind spinning in so many directions right now. AOA Sabretooth became a 616 player for awhile…will Nightcrawler and Jean as well?
Arnab: The X-Force are trapped in the Age of Apocalypse, sucks to be them.
Infinite Speech: A trip back to the Age of Apocalypse was just as great as it was the first time we went there!
Jeff: Um…why does Dark Beast have the capability to move to the AoA so easily?
NickZ: YES, YES YES!! More please! Great ending too!

Who Is Jake Ellis? #4 (Image)
Andy: We just found out who Jake Ellis is. Did you? If not, that means you aren’t reading this book. Which makes no sense. It’s great.

Witchfinder #5 (Dark Horse)
Andy: That was great! This series made me a Witchfinder fan. The really creepy, moody, artwork is what sold me.

Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants #4 (Marvel)
Andy: A simple story that’s easily enjoyed by fans of either of these characters. Now I need a beer.

NickZ: What a fun adventure! Everything you would expect from these two.

X-23 #11 (Marvel)
NickZ: I want these four to be in this book from now on! Such great stuff and pretty dark for an X-book too.
Arnab: Vampire Jubilee and Logan team up with Gambit and X-23. If you’re thinking only badassery can come of this, you’re right.

X-Factor #220 (Marvel)
Andy: Ok, so did all the Necrosha characters stick around? I’m confused…
Arnab: Shatterstar and Rahne bond while protecting her unborn baby.
Jeff: For the first time in a LONG time, this was not a good issue of X-Factor.
NickZ: Things are getting crazy for Rahne. I wonder what is going to happen to her baby?

X-Men #12 (Marvel)
Arnab: Excellent stuff here. Great story, lots of action, beautiful art.
Jeff: I felt like this issue could have been edited down to half the size. With only Paco Medina’s art.
NickZ: First to Last is awesome! I loved when Cyclops told Emma to shut up and how dumb is Iceman? He can’t even follow orders. What a noob.

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  1. Jeff Jackson

    I’m glad someone likes Andy Kubert’s work. ‘Cause I sure don’t.

  2. @speech your tweet to Thunderbolts #158 was to funny.

  3. Aron

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Speech, that’s funny.

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