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May 31, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Magnus, Robot Fighter #4 and Mighty Samson #3

Last week from Dark Horse comics we received a double-punch with brand new issues of their Gold Key revival line, being led by Jim Shooter, with Magnus, Robot Fighter #4 and Mighty Samson #3!

Magnus, Robot Fighter #4
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Jim Shooter
Art: Stephen Thompson

Once again: great issue. Out of all the Gold Key revival titles, Magnus, Robot Fighter has had the best consistent writing and action, and although the stories are connected from issue to issue, any new reader can pick it up and get right into the comic no matter what issue number it happens to be. I love what Shooter and his crew are doing with Dr. Solar, and I’m personally a huge Mighty Samson fan, but Magnus is honestly the best title out of the bunch and one of the best titles you can read on the stands currently.

Issue #4 is packed with a lot of stuff in these pages. We get robot safaris, Steel Hammer struggling to recover from his beat-down last issue, and finally mob boss Timur leading a party to hunt down Steel Hammer, which Magnus fights off in an excellent battle at the end of the issue. Thompson has done a great job with the art; his different types of robots are detailed in their own ways and fun to look at, his women are beautiful, and he just knows how to draw Magnus kicking ass. Shooter, as on all his issues in this run, keeps delivering an excellent story, knowing what he needs to give us with a perfect balance of writing-meets-action, never selling us short. It’s an action packed comic, with lines like “I wish I had someone to punch. It’s so good for easing tension.

The art and script is excellent; if you add that all up there is no reason you shouldn’t be reading the new Magnus title.

Mighty Samson #3
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writing: Jim Shooter and Jeff Vaughn
Art: Patrick Olliffe

Mighty Samson is ridiculously entertaining. From giant monster beat-downs to blood-splattering barbarian battles, strong men and hot women rule the pages of this post-apocalyptic title that will always have you wanting to read more.

Issue #3 has Samson caught in the middle of things starting to go down hill. Queen Terra has control of this super-sonic-ray weapon (as well wanting Samson as her personal play thing, with Samson not knowing what to do as Sharmine wants him as well), while Sunder has gained control of this incredibly powerful mutant creature with just as much strength as Samson himself (which doesn’t help when Sharmine is kidnapped and used as bait for Samson to fight him). The monster fighting action is wonderful in this issue, and we get that magical moment for the original Mighty Samson we have been waiting for: Samson finally loses his eye in battle! The writing team of Shooter and Vaughn are doing a great job keeping in the right amount of homage to the original comic created by Otto Binder, while still giving it this dark and edgy new version of its own. Olliffe does some amazing things with the artwork, and he just knows what to do with monsters and mutants. Samson taking out a giant mantis-creature becomes an awesome moment easily under his pencil, although not even a huge part of the story; he just does cool work on this title.

Mighty Samson is shaping into a great action title with each issue, sure to please all sci-fi adventure fans everywhere.

Drew McCabe

Review copies provided by Dark Horse.



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