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May 28, 2011

Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars: Legacy: War #6

Star Wars: Legacy: War #6
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: John Ostrander
Artist: Jan Duursema
Cover: Jan Duursema

Everything that began in Star Wars: Legacy and continued through this series all comes to its conclusion in this issue. The final issue of Legacy: War gives us the rematch between Krayt and Cade, along with the intense battle taking place in the skies of Coruscant. There’s also the internal fight between the Imperial Knights and the Emperor Roan Fell, who is on the verge of using the Omega Red toxin to wipe out all life on the planet just to kill the Sith. Little does he know that there’s more to the toxin than he’s been led to believe. It’s a good thing that several Imperial Knights stand ready to make sure that he doesn’t get the chance to use it.

This was one intense issue that had a very good balance of action and dialog to bring the series to its conclusion. Ostrander and Duursema have been building things up for over fifty issues, and with all of the twists and turns it was nice for some direct and clear revelation with the last couple of issues. Cade and Krayt’s rematch was a long time coming and didn’t disappoint as it was played out in terms of action and emotion. Krayt just may be one of my new favorite Sith just for the mere fact that he’s managed to stay one step ahead of his enemies for centuries. He’s a strategist and a schemer with a vision, that the writing team has established as a stand out character.

Another high point for this series has been the ridiculously consistent great artwork in every single issue. This one here is no different, as Duursema continues to deliver exciting visuals supported by the great inks and colors on every page. The lightsaber fights are fun to watch, and the space battles have the fast, confusing, and intense feelings that they would in real life. Honestly, Duursema handles the artwork here better than Grievous handles his lightsabers!

This series has been wrapped up pretty well, and with the plethora of characters introduced there seems to be a bit more story to tell from this era. So if you have yet to check out Star Wars: Legacy, you need to go pick up those trades and then dive right into Star Wars: Legacy: War as soon as possible.

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