May 31, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 5/25/2011

Action Comics #901 (DC)
NickZ: As if an army of Supermen vs. an army of Doomsdays wasn’t enough, now we got the Doomslayer!

Amazing Spider-Man #662 (Marvel)
Aron: Amazingly STUPID. Where’s Dan Slott?

American Vampire #15 (Vertigo)
Andy: This is what a phenomenal comic book looks like.
Arnab: Holy shit Snyder! Skinner’s injured, Pearl is going into a trap, and Henry and co. are going to some torture house.
Aron: Those things are nasty. And awesome. Let’s go to the bad place!

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #6 (Marvel)
NickZ: This was one wild and crazy adventure,  but all in all, I liked it!

Cobra #1 (IDW)
Andy: Yes! Now this is G.I. Joe for 2011!!
Aron: Cobra is just slithering and twisting their way into everything, aren’t they?

Daken Dark Wolverine #9.1 (Marvel)
NickZ: Seems like yet ANOTHER new start for Daken. I don’t get what the point was of his visit to Wolverine.

Deadpool #37 (Marvel)
NickZ: Deadpool wants the Hulk to kill him? OK.

Detective Comics #877 (DC)
Arnab: This is good a time as any to say I’ve always wanted Orcas as pets. Not the time? Well then. Fantastic issue, in every way.
Aron: Batman goes swimming.
NickZ: Dick  seems to be getting in too deep! (that’s what she said!)

FF#4 (Marvel)
Andy: When’s the Val Richards/Layla Miller team-up going down?
Arnab: Ben is way too moody for me. Reed is a joy kill. And Susan, well, she’s ok. The rest of the book is great though.

Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #3 (IDW)
Andy: I never cared about Godzilla before, but this comic is a blast! The light-hearted approach to worldwide Armageddon cracks me up.

Gotham City Sirens #23 (DC)
Arnab: I’m a little confused, what the hell did Dick do that’s got Selina all riled up?
Aron: After spewing hate on this title a few months ago, it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Go figure.
NickZ: Things are getting crazy….crazy awesome, that is! I can’t wait to see lovers vs. lovers next issue.

Green Arrow #12 (DC)
Andy: Looking forward to seeing J.T. Krul cut loose with Ollie without being hindered by Brightest Day.
Arnab: Brightest Day is done. Finally. Now we can get back to focusing on Ollie.

Green Lantern #66 (DC)
Arnab: It’s official, Hal’s completely lost it.

Green Lantern Corps #60 (DC)
Arnab: It would seem Hal isn’t the only one who’s gone crazy, John is in far worse shape.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #10 (DC)
Arnab: Parallax is free! Best part of the issue? Guy kicking ass, no joke.

Hellraiser #2 (BOOM!)
Aron: In the war between good and evil, sometimes there is collateral damage. It’s never pretty. But in this issue…it’s exquisite.

Kirby Genesis #0 (Dynamite)
Andy: Cool idea. Makes me want to go pick up a volume of New Gods or something…actually, I’ll probably just go read some old X-Men. Love that stuff.

Namor The First Mutant #10 (Marvel)
NickZ: Future people coming back to change the past is an “X-Men classic”.  Canceled.

Planet of the Apes #2 (BOOM!)
Andy: I never watched the movies, but this series has me hooked. High quality art, and a developing story hold your attention.

Ruse #3 (CrossGen)
Andy: Only 1 issue left!? WTF…

Skullkickers #7 (Image)
Aron: I learned how not to remove a butter knife from a man’s chest. If you don’t read Skullkickers, you can kiss mah jumblies!

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Lost Command #5 (Dark Horse)
Andy: This story was a little too emo for me. Although, the part where Vader kills everyone was cool.

Strange Adventures #1 (Vertigo)
Andy: Yes! This was awesome!! Like a Vertigo version of Heavy Metal. So cool. My favorite story was The Post-Modern Prometheus.
Aron: Strange, indeed. Also, not very good. Makes me sad. I had high hopes.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Any fans of classic horror or Sherlock Holmes mysteries need to read this series! Haddon and Corley have created a most excellent world to get spooked into.

Super Dinosaur #2 (Image)
Andy: Super Dinosaur = Super Awesome! Why didn’t this comic exist when I was 10?

The Tattered Man #1 (Image)
Andy: The souls of murdered Jews during WWII, contained in their old garb, embody the entity of The Tattered Man who enacts justice on wrongdoers. Keep this one going.

Uncanny X-Men #537 (Marvel)
Arnab: Excellent issue. That last scene was killer.
NickZ: Wow, people are getting effed up left and right in this one. Kruun made the X-Men his bitch.

Venom #3 (Marvel)
Andy: I gotta hand it to Rick Remender- the guy knows how to pace an action comic book and write one helluva cliffhanger ending.

The Walking Dead #85 (Image)
Andy: I really like where things are headed. The way Rick is talking, this series could go on for decades.
Arnab: That Abraham is a bastard. Oh and can Rick and Andrea get together already?
NickZ: I never know what to expect with this book, I’m always preparing for the worst and happy when it doesn’t come. I feel as though I am one of them.

Witch Doctor #0 (Image)
Andy: Thought I’d hate it but I couldn’t put it down. I like the approach and the art fits.

Wolverine #9 (Marvel)
Aron: Sautéed baby seal brains? I will try some. Also, Mystique appears to have got died.
NickZ: How awesome is this masked man? He took on Wolvie and Mystique and lived to tell about it!

X-Men Legacy #249 (Marvel)
Arnab: Uhm, ew. Grampa Max? Really Rogue?
NickZ: So Rogue is into GILFS and Frenzy is batshit crazy? Does that about sum it up?

Xombi #3 (DC)
Andy: This is the best DC book nobody is reading. And why the hell is that?

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