April 26, 2011

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 4/20/2011

Batman #709 (DC)
NickZ: Disappointing ending to this cross over. Maybe Prodigy will become the new Hush.
Arnab: Azrael and Crusader take their leave as Ra’s al Ghul’s plan to take over the world is foiled, again.
Aron: Where does it go from here? How will I get my Azrael fix? Stupid FLASHPOINT! Damn…

Black Dynamite: Slave Island (Ars Nova & Ape Entertainment)
Infinite Speech: Brian Ash delivers a Black Dynamite story almost as good as the movie! Plus you get the best man vs shark fight scene ever in comic history!

Dark Horse Presents #1 (Dark Horse)
Aron: Not really worth the price if you ask me.

Deadpool Max #7 (Marvel)
NickZ: This book has really lost any potential it might have once had. Useless story.

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #1 (IDW)
Aron: The fun of the show is totally in this issue and Rory isn’t! Matt Sturges is cool.

Fables #104 (Vertigo)
Andy: This series has hit its stride once more, totally rebounding from the Great Fables Crossover, with this superhero story. An easy arc any comic fan can get into!

Fear Itself: Sin’s Past #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech:
If you want an origin tale about Sin avoid this and go read Brubaker’s stuff in Cap from a couple years back. Save your five bucks for gas.

Generation Hope #6 (Marvel)
Jeff: It’s amazing how Gillen can do such a killer job on Uncanny X-Men, but this book just falls flat. He’s even using some of the same characters!
NickZ: I’m liking the lights more and more, but Hope less and less.
Arnab: I can see things going sour for Hope and friends real fast, it’s a good thing Aunt Kitty’s along for the ride.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #165 (IDW)
Andy: This book needs a better editor. The art is good, but the writing needs to be cut in half. It’s just superfluous and takes away from the story.

Gotham City Sirens #22 (DC)
I always enjoy a good Catwoman story, but this was just ok.
Arnab: Selena Kyle takes on Azrael, his minion, and her sister, who clearly have some screws loose.
Aron: I’m loving this Azrael epic! He’s getting the story he deserves, just not in his own book anymore. 🙁

Green Lantern #65
Andy: That was…actually pretty decent. Ok then.
Arnab: Guy and Hal make it off their icy haven and hook up with John and Kyle.

Green Lantern Corps #59 (DC)
Andy: Wait a second- why is Hal bitching at Kyle for picking a blue ring, when he said to pick whichever one he wanted? What a dick.
Arnab: Four Lanterns and a Guardian wage war against the entire Green Lantern Corps.

Hellblazer #278 (Vertigo)
Aron: John gets a thumb, calls someone a wanker, and gets his coat stolen. If YOU don’t read this series, you’re a wanker.

Invincible #79 (Skybound)
NickZ: Didn’t see that coming, Eve drops an emotional bombshell!

Invincible Iron Man #503 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech:
So Doc Ock just wanted Iron Man to kiss his ass for a few pages? Oh, and some things in Fear Itself #1 make a little more sense now. I hate it when these things are out of order.
Andy: Otto is one egocentric mofo. Fraction really excels here with a small cast of leads, unlike his juggling work over on X-Men.

Justice League of America #56 (DC)
NickZ: Lot’s of action, little substance.
Aron: WOW! This wasn’t wordy!! It was finally the kind of story I’ve been looking for here!

Silver Surfer #3 (Marvel)
Aron: My only Marvel selection for this week and it’s a good yarn.

Supergirl #63 (DC)
NickZ: An interesting reveal at the end. I really like Lois in this book.
Aron: This story arc is starting to tighten up and I’m enjoying it more now than when it started.

Superman/Batman #83 (DC)
NickZ: This book has the most fun, out-there superhero adventures anywhere!
Aron: This weird stuff is wicked fun, from Cullen Bunn! He should stay on the title. Let him run!

Teen Titans #94 (DC)
Arnab: Trapped in a strange land, the Teen Titans find themselves divided and unprepared for the battle that lay ahead.

Uncanny X-Force #8 (Marvel)
Andy: I love how this is more and more becoming Archangel’s book. It’s about damn time! Make Iceman be next!
Jeff: That was Billy Tan? THAT was Billy Tan? No way!
NickZ: Great use of the Shadow King to take the Angel/Archangel story to the next level. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
Arnab: The beast has been unleashed, run for your lives! Or you know, hide behind Betsy.
Infinite Speech: Shadow King is a damn good villain and Remender sets this one up nicely!

Wolverine #8 (Marvel)
Andy: Wow! Who knew Jason Aaron could write Wolverine and the X-Men! One of the best X-books right now.
Jeff: Oh, how much I’ve missed Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. Real or not, I loved them in this book.
NickZ: Jean Grey is AWESOME! She kicks ass, saves Logan, annoys Emma, and gets Scott all bothered. Why isn’t she alive again?

Wolverine and Jubilee #4 (Marvel)
Andy: What a solid mini-series this was. Immonen and Noto made for a great team, focusing on character development, and it payed off. I hope Jubilee doesn’t fade away again, and I’d love to see her lead the New X-Men.

X-Factor #218 (Marvel)
Andy: Emanuela Lupacchino can draw hot women. Can’t wait to see where things are heading with Layla, too.
Jeff: Guido’s shot…oh wait, another heart attack…oh crap, he’s dead…oh wait, no he’s not.
NickZ: Nothing like a near death (or an actual death?) to stir up strong feelings.
Arnab: Well hot damn, those gals are powerful. It’s a good thing X-Factor’s on the job.

Zatanna #12 (DC)

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