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April 2, 2011

Marvel/Icon Reviews: Kick-Ass 2 #2

Kick-Ass 2 #2
Publisher: Marvel/Icon
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Cover: John Romita Jr.

Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass has just been introduced to a group of “real life” supers who have come together to form a JLA/Avengers type team. Made up of various individuals who have their own reasons for joining, Kick-Ass recognizes one of them as a classmate. The next day at school has the two enjoying their secret, and Dave’s buddy lets him know what Red-Mist has been up to lately after running into one of his lackeys. Later that night, Kick-Ass is going on his first mission with the team that involves disrupting a prostitution ring run by the mafia. Two members of the “Neighborhood Watch” are former mob guys, so they have the inside scoop on these illegal activities which gives them the element of surprise. If you liked the over-the-top violence in the original Kick-Ass series, then you’ll love this sequence here.

The double edged sword concerning Kick-Ass is the amount of time between issues. It’s a pain in the ass to wait this long, but when you get the finished product and it’s pure FIRE, then you really can’t complain too much. Millar’s expansion of the Kick-Ass world is full of great characters and he embraces the many comic book clichés and real opinions about them that reinforce the story’s credibility. It’s also good to see Kick-Ass actually kicking ass instead of being on the receiving end of beatdown after beatdown thanks to the training he received from Hit-Girl. Millar even sprinkles little hints concerning Red Mist and events to come, similar to how he did in the first series by having the narrative switch between first and third person. I’m also liking the way Millar is dealing with Hit-Girl’s issues, though I can’t wait until she is back in action, which I hope is sometime soon.

I know some people say you either like Romita Jr.’s style or you don’t, but even the most jaded fan would have to agree that this issue is one of the best looking in the series. I’ll also add that Tom Palmer on inks and Dean White on colors help make every panel worth a look or two. Though there are a couple of panels that were great, nothing beats the splash page of Sophia taking a bite out of crime! Even if you know it’s coming in the back of your mind, just seeing it will make you cringe a little.

Everything you liked about Kick-Ass has been transferred to the sequel here, and if Millar and Romita Jr. can keep Kick-Ass 2 as fun as it’s been the past two issues, then the wait really doesn’t matter. I’d rather see this issue every couple of months and enjoy it than pick up a monthly book that’s not worth the inflated price on the cover.

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