March 30, 2011

Marvel Reviews: Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer #2
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Harvey Tolibao & Stephen Segovia
Cover: Carlo Pagulyan

“Rebirth”: After landing in Mexico and being ambushed by the High Evolutionary last issue, the Silver Surfer is no more and all that’s left is Norrin Radd. The man he was before giving himself over to Galactus to save his home planet of Zenn La from becoming the main course on the big man’s menu. He was shot and is now being assisted by Suzi Endo to escape the military facility that he’s now a prisoner in. She’s using her advanced cyber skills to get her and her wounded ally out so she can figure out what the High Evolutionary wants with Surfer’s power cosmic. It’s probably nothing good, but with the High Evolutionary, you never know what he’s got planned.

Pak uses most of the escape to show flashbacks of Norrin’s life as his mind is trying to cope with the shock of being Zenn Lavian again. It has been quite some time since he’s been flesh and blood, and Pak makes full use of these new limitations that have been placed on a hero who was once able to fly through a sun. It’s also the mental and emotional issues that he’s dealing with that help make this a pretty interesting story, since Pak is fully utilizing the twist at the end of the first issue. The artwork from Tolibao and Segovia is a high point as well for this issue. Though, for some reason, I enjoyed the first half more so than the latter part of the issue. Not sure if it was the constant shift in styles or just the panel where Norrin looked like he had a pig nose, but something was a bit off to me. Quintana’s colors also helped to keep the book as visually stunning as the last issue.

If this mini-series keeps this kind of pace I’m going to really wish we could get another ongoing with Pak doing the writing. So if you’re a Silver Surfer fan, then you’ll be happy to know that this series is doing the character justice so far. Now, if you are fairly new to the character you can still enjoy the series, as there’s a very brief history recap effectively worked into the story via a couple of flashbacks to give you the gist of things. Pak has been on fire lately, and he continues to blaze in the pages of Silver Surfer!

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  1. Eli

    I’m not so sure about this issue, but I’ll stick with the series for a while longer. I do love the Silver Surfer, and the High Evolutionary definitely has me interested.

  2. Since it’s a limited series they probably won’t keep him flesh and blood for too much longer. I’m also hoping that Segovia will be the only artist on the series for the last few issues but I don’t think that’s going to happen. 🙁

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