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March 23, 2011

Aspen Reviews: Charismagic #0 and #1

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Written by: Mac
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Charismagic 0Charismagic #0 and #1
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Creator and Writer: Vince Hernandez
Character Designer and Illustrator: Khary Randolph

There are a lot of fantasy/magic comics out there, but for as many as have been committed to paper, only a few seem to stand out above the rest. So far, it seems that Charismagic is one of those titles that has the potential to be something special.

Even from the first few pages of book #0, you can tell there is a rich history backing the story. The full details are sketchy, but what we know for certain is that something big is happening in the world of magic, and it has all of the beings of the magic world (and those attuned to that world) scared. There is discussion of the return of Samsun, a powerful magic user that had been banished to a realm few dare to speak of. His return could mean the destruction of many things, but there is still hope.

Skip forward to issue #1 and we are introduced to a Las Vegas stage magician named Hank. While he puts on what seems like your usual flash and bang magic show, it’s obvious that there’s more to him than the fabricated glitz and sexy show girls. What’s his role to play in all of this? Well, it’s yet to be revealed.

It is my understanding that issue #0 of this title sold out. I’m not really surprised. The writing is solid, and as mentioned, it hints at a deeper, richer history. Mythology is always important to fantasy stories, especially ones taking place in the modern day. It helps to understand the world the characters are coming from or being introduced to. The last few pages of issue #0 share some especially interesting knowledge of the realm Samsun was banished to, as well as outlining some of its more unsavory residents. (With luck, we’ll see more of them in future issues.)

I will also say that one of the first things to really strike me about this book is the art by Khary Randolph. The interior art does justice to the covers. The characters have a slick, caricatured style that is very appealing. While the story always comes first, it’s nice when there’s attractive art to accompany it. As an added bonus to those who love to collect covers or have multiple options, there are a stunning array of available art pieces.

If you can, get your hands on a copy of Charismagic. It’s worth your time. Give it a read and hang on, it looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Mac Beauvais



  1. Billy

    The artwork is definitely eye-catching, I’ll give it that. The chick kind of reminds me of Zatanna.

  2. I thought #0 was great. Vince is a really cool guy too, and Khary’s art is blowing me away in this series and Starborn over at BOOM!

    Definitely give this one a shot.

  3. Billy

    Just picked up both of these books yesterday, and thought they were fantastic!

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